Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, September 16, 2011

Lord God,

Save me, because I feel as though I am sinking. I feel like I am about to drown. Slowly, but surely I am more overwhelmed, and I’m so tired from trying to stay afloat. I struggle even to cry out for help. My eyes do not see you, and my ears cannot hear your voice, and it feels as though I’m all alone.

Many of my relationships are strained right now, Lord God. It seems like I’m in constant conflict with many, I know and love. I admit, Lord, that I am not perfect. I know I have many faults and flaws. I won’t deny it. Though I don’t believe it’s all my fault, I pray that others won’t stumble because of anything I have said or done. I pray they won’t be disgraced because of my own arrogance and sin. I pray that despite their insults and the way they taunt me, despite their cruelty and the way they ignore me, despite their lies and the pain they have caused me, you, O Lord, will help me with this problem because of your unfailing love.

Rescue me from the distress I am in and save from the brokenness that affects every part of my life. Convict my heart of my sin, and change whatever needs to be changed in me so that reconciliation can begin. Answer my prayers because of your great mercy and care for me by your unfailing love. Answer me quickly Lord, for I am in trouble, and I long to praise your name.

I long to see you honored and glorified for all that you’ve done, but I struggle to do so every time I see someone profit from their sin. I have a hard time being thankful for everything you have given me because they have so much more than I do. I I struggle to be grateful for everything you have done, because their lives seem so much easier than my own. I struggle to see the benefit of following your will because those who haven’t, seem to be doing so well in life. .

They don’t play by the rules, but they keep getting richer. They don’t have a care in the world, yet they have so much to care for in their lives. They are arrogant, cruel, selfish and rude, but people seem to love them and flock to their side. I don’t get it Lord. Why do the bad people do so well in this life. They follow their own ways and seem to benefit, while I follow you and struggle.

It all seems so unfair until I remember that the things of this world do not last forever. It seemed so unfair till I recalled the reason I initially trusted in you. It seemed so unfair till I remembered you hold me by my right hand, guide me by our wise advice, and bring me into your glorious presence when this life is finally through. I have no one in heave but you, dear Lord, so I don't have anyone or anything but you.

Though my body and soul grow weak, Lord God, you strengthen my heart. You are everything I will ever need. Those who don't want anything to do with you will be one-day die, but those who love you will live in your presences, in safety and peace, and always be close to you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

~Read Psalm 69:1-36, 73; (2 Kings 1:2-17); 1 Corinthians 3:16-23; Matthew 5:11-16