Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, September 30, 2011

Gracious Lord,

Please listen to my prayer today and hear my call for help. Don’t hide yourself from me so that I cannot feel your presence, because when you do, my heart feels heavy, and my mind is burdened with anxiety and fear. Pay attention to me Lord, and do something soon, for my life is passing quickly before my eyes, and my time seems to disappear like smoke. Not long ago, I was young, strong and energetic, but now, I just feel beaten down and worn out. I feel like I’m wasting away, all alone, and overwhelms me with grief.

I sense that everyone looks down on me and thinks I am useless. They mock me and question my abilities. They chide me and talk behind my back. I pretend that it doesn’t bother me Lord, but it does. It keeps me awake at night and fills my eyes with tears, because it feels like you have thrown me out and left me to rot. My days are just wasting away, but you, O Lord, are not.

You are my everlasting Lord and my eternal Savior, who comes at just the right. Surely, I should cower before you because of my sin. Yet, you do not come to destroy, but to restore. You do not reject my requests, but look down from your dwelling place with compassion and mercy. You hear my distress calls and set me free from the destruction and despair that I face every day.

Thank you, God, for your goodness. Thank you for your everlasting love. Thank you for freeing me from my slavery to sin and redeeming me from the grips of death. When I cry out to you in my trouble, you deliver me from my distress. You lead me into the shelter of your presence where you protect me, provide for me, and preserve my life.

So I thank you, Lord, for your provision. I thank you for your everlasting love. I thank you for the many great things you have done in my life, and even for the things that are still yet to come. Lord, I know I was a fool when I rebelled against you. I know I was wrong to hate your goodness and reject your holy ways. I know I should have never taken my eyes off of you or stopped listening to your word, but I did.

Yet, you never looked away from me. You never stopped listening to my despair and distress. Instead, you turned my heart back to you. You satisfied my thirsty soul and filled my hunger with your goodness. You freed me from the prison of the sin I kept secret because of the shame they caused, and you brought me out of their darkness. You heard my cries and saved me from my distress so that I might give thanks and worship you again.

So, once again, I thank you Lord for your everlasting love. I thank you for saving me from my distress. I thank you for the wonders you have done in my life and in the lives of others. I gladly give you my life because I owe it to you. That’s what you deserve for saving me. I have nothing more to offer you. So take my life, Lord, and use it for your glory, with all your people together, that your Kingdom might prosper and grow.

In the name of your Son Jesus, I pray, Amen

~Read: Psalm 102, 107:1-32; (2 Kings 19:1-20); (1 Corinthians 9:16-27); (Matthew 8:1-17)