Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, September 5, 2011

Lord God,

It is a privilege to serve others, and a joy to minister to them. It is a blessing to protect the weak, comfort the hurting, care for the sick, and support the poor. It is an honor to serve your people, because it is an honor to serve you. Help me to remember that my service, not only meets the needs of your people, but also, brings you glory and honor (1 Co. 9:12).

Lord God, protect your people and preserve our lives. Bring us blessing and prosperity as you watch over us and rescue us from destruction. Have mercy on us as we serve you, and forgive our sin, corporately and individually, that we might receive your healing and grace.

Protect me Lord, from those who claim to follow you but fill themselves with self-righteousness, vanity, and pride. Rebuke them for their lies, their criticism and gossip. Expose their hypocrisy, so they might see the error of their ways, and serve your people as you have called them to do. Preserve us, that we might live in your presence forever and worship you.

For we have heard about the wonderful things you did long ago. How you rescued your people from their slavery in Egypt, saved them from the wrath of their oppressor, and brought them into the land you promised. We’ve read the stories of how you protected them and gave them victory over their enemies. We’ve told our own children about the ways you provided for your people and preserved their lives even when all hope seemed lost. We’ve heard about all the wonderful things you did for your people long ago, and we pray you will do them again for us.

Rescue us from our slavery to the sin and the selfishness that keeps us focused on ourselves instead of you and others. Protect us by your mighty hand and give us victory over our enemies of pride, greed, lust, envy, and so forth. Provide for us and preserve us by your mercy and grace that we might glory in you all day long, and praise your name forever and ever.

Don’t let us become discouraged by our struggles, or deterred from glorifying you because of the difficulties we face. But instead, keep our hearts focused on serving you, for your glory, and your honor. Though we don’t deserve your mercy, we know you won’t reject us, because of your unfailing love.
We pray all these things through our redeemer, Jesus Christ, Amen
~Read Psalm 41, 44