Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mighty God,

You are not distant. You are not silent. You have spoken to all the people who fill the earth, from east to west, and displayed your glorious radiance for everyone to see. You call together, all your people, to worship and sacrifice for your glory, according to the agreement you made with them, and you evaluate both, according to your truth and justice.

Lord, we know we don’t worship you, or sacrifice as we should. Though we give, we know we withhold the best that we have from you, and keep it for ourselves. Though we do offer you our time, our energy, and our wealth, we only give from what is left over, after we’ve gotten the things we want, or done the things we enjoy doing. We know we don’t worship you, or sacrifice as we should, because ultimately, what you want most, is our gratitude. Unfortunately, the way we use our time, talents, and treasures, demonstrates that we are anything but grateful. Instead, it clearly demonstrates our selfishness and pride. Though we give you our leftovers, we do not hesitate to call out to you when things get difficult amid our troubles.

Please, do not reject us in our brokenness and sin. Do not stay angry with us because of our selfishness. Do not abandon us or leave us to waste away, but rescue your beloved people and save us by your mighty power. Fulfill your promise and demonstrate your holiness in our presences once more. Show us your faithfulness and come to our aid, for we need your help now, more than ever before.

Lord, change our hearts to be more like you. Help us to demonstrate gratitude through our obedience and help us to accept your discipline and treat you with honor. Correct us when we tolerate our own selfishness and participate in the sin around us, and forgive us when we use our words to hurt others and tear them down.

Rescue us from our sin, Lord God, from the enemy within our own hearts. Protect us from the destruction it can do to us, and the damage it can do to others. Be our strength and help us to do what is right. Then we will proclaim your unfailing love and the power by which you saved us through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. In whose name we pray, Amen.
~Read Psalm 50, 59, 60