Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lord God,

Please, God, rescue me, and do not delay. Come quickly, Lord, and help me before I am overcome and defeated. Do not let me be embarrassed by those who are skeptical and critical of me, but honor your servant, that they might see their error and turn back to you. Don’t allow those who enjoy making trouble, take advantage of me, but protect me from the things they say and due to undermine my ministry and slow me down. Fill my heart with joy despite the troubles that I face and give me gladness in all circumstances. Help me to love your salvation and praise you in everything I do, my Savior, my Helper, my God and King.

Lord, I come to you for protection. Though I have no reason to fear for my life, physically, I worry about the day-to-day trials that I face. I worry about paying the bills, raising my kids, maintaining my relationships and so forth. I worry because I know I have little control over anything, and I struggle to trust in you. So please listen to my prayer and save me. Do not let me fail, but set me free from the anxiety and fear that hold me back and keep me from experiencing the fullness of your grace in my life.

Show the world how good and righteous you are in everything that you do. Shield me from the cruel words and lies that undermine my confidence in you and fill me with self-doubt, for you alone are my only hope. You alone, have been my God since my childhood, even before I was born. Though I was too young to know you, you knew me and cared for me so that I could praise you today.

So I pray that my life can be an example to everyone I know. I pray that everything I say and do might demonstrate how you have strengthened and protected me all the days of my life, for the very purpose of your glory. Do not abandon me in my time of weakness, Lord, but continue to demonstrate your faithfulness to me for all the world to see.

Help me in my times of trouble, comfort me in my times of pain. Do not let others accuse you of being unfaithful Lord, by leaving me to wallow in my failures and shame. But show your grace. Demonstrate your mercy. Display the power of your unfailing love for those who trust you and submit their lives to you. Prove that my hope in you is not in vain, and save, so that others will join me in praising your righteousness, and proclaiming your Sovereign name forever and ever.

When I was a child, you taught me about the wonderful things you do, and I shared those things with others to demonstrate how grateful I am. Do not abandon me as I grow old, Lord, or think that my zeal will fade, for I plan to tell others about your grace until the day I die. Though I have suffered many hardships and pain, I know you will sustain me, and return my strength one day, because you are faithful, and you always keep your promises. You ransomed me from death through your Son, Jesus Christ, so that I can praise you forever.

In his holy name I pray, Amen

~Psalm 70, 71, 74; (1 Kings 22:29-45); (1 Corinthians 2:14-3:15); (Matthew 5:1-10)