Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gracious God,

Please answer me when I call out to you. Don’t stay quiet and don’t be silent or still. Do not let me struggle and suffer because I know that you can hear me. I know that you are there. So listen to my request and answer my calls for help.

For those who reject you seem to be winning the day. They hold themselves up as gods and promote their own selfish plans, while doing all they can to hold back your gospel and the work of those who worship and serve you. It’s quite discouraging at times, Lord, because they seem to have the upper hand, but I know you will deal with them when the time is right. I know you will glorify your name.

Turn their hearts to you, O Lord, turn them away from their selfishness and sin so that they might understand your truth and grace. Then they will know that you are gracious toward your people. Then they will know that forgiveness comes from you. Then they will know you are the God of salvation, and they will worship you in all your glory.

Let them see your mercy Lord, and turn your wrath away from me. Do not remain angry with me because of my sin, but let me feel the freedom of your forgiveness and grace. Cover my sin so I can be restored to you. Revive my soul, and breath new life into my heart because of your unfailing love for me. Save me from all my struggles, just as you saved me from my sin, and speak your peace into my heart once more, so I won’t look for comfort in the wrong places again.

Give me your love and truth, Lord Jesus, make goodness and peace my blessing. Create in me a heart that is fully devoted to you, and your bride, on whom you pour out your blessing. For it is good to worship you, Lord, and praise your glorious name. It is good to worship with your people—the church—which is your body and your bride. It is good to gather for fellowship so our wounds can be healed, and our hearts mended by your unfailing love.

Thank you, Lord, for all that you do. Thank you, for who you are. Your strength and wisdom are beyond compare. Your compassion and kindness are unmatched by anyone in heaven, or on earth. You care for your people and provide for them. You love them despite their many failures and flaws. You make the rain fall from the sky, and the grass grow on the ground. You give all living creatures food to eat and grant your favor to all who acknowledge you. Give us peace, and satisfy the longings of our hearts.

Lord, I want to honor you with my life. I want to give sacrificially of my time, energy and wealth, for your honor. I want to see your Kingdom be established here on earth, and I want your plans to be accomplished. Provide for me, Lord, all that I need, and calm my anxious heart, so that I can continue to serve you without distraction. Continue to forgive all of my sin and the selfishness that controls my heart, through your loving sacrifice on the cross. Help me to forgive those who have hurt me, offended me, or caused me pain, and keep me from falling back into my foolish sin. Rescue me, Lord Jesus, from all the evil around me, for your kingdom, by your power, in all your glory.

I pray these things in your holy and righteous name, Amen

~Read: Psalm 83, 85, 86, 147; 2 Kings 9:1-16; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20; Matthew 6:1-6, 6:16-18