Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Lord and King,

My mouth is filled with praise when I consider your glory and majesty. My heart overflows with thanks when I hear of your mercy and grace. When I think about your truth, justice, holiness and love, I cannot help but sing to you, and honor your name in everything that I do.

For you are the Lord Most High. You are the great and awesome King of all the earth. You rule over every nation and subdue your enemies under your feet. You protect and provide for your people all that they need, so I will worship you and sing praises to your name, because you are wonderful and deserving of all my praise.

Lord God, when I think about your unfailing love for me, I am truly amazed. Though I ran from you, you pursued me. Though I pushed you away, you took hold of my heart. Though I preferred to remain in my sin and selfishness, you sent your Son to die for me and forgave me of all my sin. I am glad you are just and even more so that you are merciful. Thank you for the mercy you showed me through the cross, where your justice was satisfied. Thank you for showing me your great love.

Thank you for your Son, who died for my sins. Thank you for your Spirit, who works in my heart. Thank you for your church, the fellowship of your people, that works to glorify you and share your Gospel in word and deed, so that others might know the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for the struggles we face together, that test our faith and prove we desire your glory more than our own comfort.

Protect us Lord from jealousy and rivalry and help us to love one another, just as you have loved us. Guard our motives against selfish ambition and insincerity, and give us joy even as we face trials and difficulties because of you. Give us boldness to proclaim Christ, and help us to honor him in everything that we do; whether in life or in death.

If we live, may it be for Christ, and Christ alone. If we die, may it be for his glory as well. Whichever would bring you more glory, we are happy to do both for you, our King. But until such time as you call us home to be with you Lord, help us to be fruitful in my work for Christ. Remove our doubts and fears, and convince our hearts of your faithfulness and truth.

Help us to live as citizens of heaven; to live our lives in such a way, that others will see who you in me. Bind us together in one spirit, for one purpose: to demonstrate our faith for your glory and honor. Help us Lord, to stand up to your enemies, as a demonstration of your power and justice. Give us courage to face death without fear, knowing that you will give us victory over that enemy as well. For you have given us the privilege of trusting in Christ and suffering for his glory, so once again we thank you that we struggle together to that end.

We long, to see him in person like the women at the tomb on the day he was raised. Let us see his victory over death, and experience it for ourselves when he comes again.
By his grace and for his glory, I pray all these things in his holy name, Amen

~Read Psalm 45, 47, 48; Philippians 1:12-30, Mark 16:1-20