Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lord God,

I will listen to your word and proclaim it to others. I will tell them about your truth and teach them about your grace. I will not keep it from my children, my neighbors, co-workers or friends, because you gave us your word for that very purpose. You spoke it to your people through Moses, the Prophets, the apostles, and so forth, so that each generation might teach it to the next. You graciously poured out your word to us so that everyone who hears about your glorious and powerful works, might put their trust in you and obey your commands.

Loving God, forgive me when my heart is stubborn and my mind is rebellious against you. Forgive me when my flesh is weak and my spirit is unfaithful to your word. Forgive me when I forget your great works, how you saved your people from slavery, lead them through deep waters to safety, and provided them with everything they needed to survive. Forgive me, when I forget how they rebelled against you and complained that you had not done enough. Forgive me, gracious God, when I fail to trust in you, the way they failed to trust in you despite everything you had done. Forgive me when I wallow in my sin and grumble that you have not done enough for me, just as your people did long ago.

Help me, Lord God, to turn to you once more, and remember that you are my rock. Remind me again how you redeemed my soul, and saved me from my slavery to sin. Though I know my heart is not always faithful to you, and my mouth can be full of deceit, remember, I am merely flesh and bone; have compassion on me, and forgive me once more.

Thank you, Lord, for saving me from my sins and providing your Son as my Passover Lamb. Thank you for leading me into your safety, and rescuing me from all who might hurt me. Deliver me, once more, from the power of sin, and make me into holy through your Son. Be my shepherded and care for me always, guiding me by your skillful hand.

In the name of Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.

~Read: Psalm 78:1-72; (2 Kings 5:19-27); 1 Corinthians 5:1-8; Matthew 5:27-37