Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My God,

I do not fear when troubles come or enemies surround me. I do not boast in health, or wealth, though others often do. For I know I can’t redeem myself or pay the debt I owe, because salvation comes from you, my redeemer come only from you, my Redeemer and my Lord. You save me from the fear of the grave. You save me from the power of death.

So I don’t worry when people do wicked things and seem to get away with evil schemes. I don’t fret about their greed, their lust, their violence or vanity. Though they think, they can live however they choose, and do whatever they want, they are fools, because they do not believe in you. They do not know that one day, when they die and stand before you to account for their corrupt and evil actions.

Lord God, you look down from heaven on us to see if anyone is wise and truly seeks you, but none of us really do. Though we feign faith at times, in reality, everyone has turned away from you, become corrupt, and followed their own ways. Consequently, everyone, needs to be rescued.

I beg you Lord, remember your promise to me, because your promise is my only hope. Revive me and comfort me in all my troubles. Do not hold me in contempt or count me with the proud. But remember the righteousness of your Son, Jesus Christ, that has been applied to me. See how I reject evil and hate my own sin. Notice how I obey your commands and reflect on who you are. With all of my heart, I have pondered your will and thanked you for your blessings. Now be merciful to me, Lord God, because of your unfailing love.

You have done many good things for me Lord, just as you promised, now teach me good judgment and knowledge, so I may stay close to you. Teach me to follow your word and to see all the good things you have done for me. Help me to obey your commandments with all of my heart and be fully committed to glorifying you through your church.

Give me strength in Christ and comfort in his love for me. Help me to share his mercy and kindness with others through your Spirit. Teach me to seek the unity of your church instead of the divisions caused by my own preferences and desires. Help me Lord, to be humble instead of arrogant, and giving instead of selfish. Help me to seek the good of others, more than I do myself. Help me to act like Jesus, so that he might be seen through my life, and one day, every knee will bow to his name—
and everyone in heaven and on earth will confess that he is Lord, bringing glory and honor to you.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

~Read Psalm 49, 53, 119:49-72; Philippians 2:1-11