Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lord God, great King over all the earth,

Rule over us with justice and righteousness. Govern us fairly by your wisdom and truth. Help us to know the difference between right and wrong so that all your people might live in peace and experience the prosperity of your blessing.

Lord, help us to defend the poor, free the oppressed, and provide for the needy. Help us to honor you in everything we do. Guide us, gracious God, and be our King forever, as long as the sun shines in the day and the moon at night.

May all who see your majesty bow before you in worship and serve you with their lives. May they see your great power in all creation and your great compassion for the needy and the weak, so they might praise your name forever and ever.

You created them, Lord, just as you created me, so help them to obey your will, and help me to obey as well. Give me joy in following your commands, since I have put my hope in your word. For I know that your regulations are just and fair. I know that you discipline me when I need it because you love me. Now fulfill your promise and comfort me through your unfailing love. Have mercy on me and satisfy my heart as I am conformed to your will. Purify my heart, that I might be blameless in our sight.

Gracious God, you know how tired I am. You see me strain my eyes to look for hope in your word. You know how weary I’ve become from waiting for your comfort. You understand how weak I am. So please understand, that I do not ask this out of disrespect, but out of need. When will you bring me comfort, Lord God? When will you give me rest from my anxieties and fears? When will you rescue me from the struggles of life, so I can finally find peace in you?

I don’t know how much longer I can wait, Lord God, so please, please, rescue me. Protect me from the pitfalls that I can’t seem to avoid on my own, for I have not abandoned your ways, but try my best to continue in obedience and love. Show me your unfailing love, Lord, and save me from everything that threatens to overwhelm me.

Save me from all the pressures on my time and energy that pull me in opposite directions; from the stress of balancing my desires and obligations. Save me from all the burdens that weigh me down and give me a heavy heart so that I find it difficult to breath. Save me by your unfailing love as you promised to do in your holy word.

I know you are faithful, my Lord. I know your plans for me are better than my own. I know that your word is true and your ways are right, so I know you will do right by me, even when I rebel against you in my selfishness and sin. I am your humble servant, gracious God, and I give my life to you, as my King.

Take my mind off the my struggles I face and failures I’ve had, and help me to focus on Jesus Christ, and his great love for me. Help me to forget everything by Christ crucified and resurrected for your glory, and my salvation.
In his holy and precious name I pray, Amen

~Read: Psalm 72, 119:73-96; (1 Kings 22:1-28); 1 Corinthians 2:1-13; (Matthew 4:18-25)