Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, October 7, 2011

Lord God,

Rescue me from the evil in this world. Preserve me from those who stir up controversy and conflict; from those who are opposed to you. Guard me from the schemes of the wicked, and protect me from those who are physically and verbally violent.

For, you are my Lord and my God. You are my strength and my salvation. Listen to my requests for mercy and answer my prayers for help. Do not let the evil to prevail, nor allow them profit from their mischief. Subdue them with your power and Bring them to justice, so they might see your holiness.

With all of my strength, I pray that you will show me your mercy and listen to my complaints. Though I know my troubles are not as bad as they could be, I am, nonetheless, overwhelmed, weary, and in dire need of rest. Yet, no one sees the strain I am under. No one notices or cares, except you Lord, and even so, I’m not always certain you are paying attention.

Lord, please give me refuge from the stress I am under. Please give me rest from the strain. Provide for me all that I need to endure the troubles and heartbreak that I face because I cannot do it without you. I am not strong enough. I do not have enough courage. Help me, Lord, and surround me with your righteousness.

Please hurry, Lord, and don’t take too long. Hear my requests and give me your answer. Accept my prayers as the worship of my heart today, because they show that I acknowledge you are my Sovereign God, and I am not.

Lord, take control of what I say and guard my mouth today. Keep me from saying anything that does not glorify you. Keep me from being critical of others, or complaining about the troubles I face. Keep me from gossip, slander or any hateful speech. Purify my words because they represent what is in my heart, and I cannot claim to worship you if my heart harbors such thoughts.

If I show myself to be unfaithful or untrue to you today, send someone to correct me. Send a brother or sister in Christ to rebuke me for my sin, so that I will not continue in it. Humble me Lord, and make my heart long for correction when I am doing wrong. Do not let me resent it when others challenge me to be more like you. Do not let me reject what they have to say, but help me to accept it as coming from you.

I look to you for help, loving God, for guidance and refuge. Do not leave me defenseless against the sin that lurks without and within, but keep me forever in your care. Hear my prayer, and listen to my requests for mercy. Answer me because of your faithfulness and righteousness, while I reach out to you.

Do not hide not your face from me, or else my heart will despair. But instead, let me hear your voice in the morning and feel your love throughout the day. Teach me your will and tell me which way to go. Lead me by your spirit and preserve my life, for the praise of your glorious grace, which you demonstrated through your Son, Jesus Christ.
I pray these things in his holy name, Amen

~Read: Psalm 140-143; (2 Kings 23:36-24:17); (1 Corinthians 12:12-26); (Matthew 9:27-34)