Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, October 14, 2011

Preserve my life, Lord, and let me take refuge in your presence. Keep me safe and protect me from all harm, for you are my God and you are good; apart from you I have nothing.

Though troubles arise and sorrows increase for those who chase the idols of power, knowledge, wealth, fame, beauty, strength and so on, I want to follow you Lord, because you bless me, guide me and teach me all of your ways. You tell me how you saved me from death. You give me security and stability to live. You bring gladness to my heart, and joy to my soul, even in times of trouble and pain. You make your way known to me, and never reject me in my sin.

So hear to my prayers, and answer my requests, Lord. Notice that I do not come with ulterior motives or deceit in my heart, but with humble recognition that I need you. Protect my heart and keep it from harboring sin. Turn me away from hatred, prejudice, violence, anger or injustice, and lead me in the ways of your righteousness. Answer me, please, when I call upon you and show my faith to me true. Demonstrate your wonderful love to me and let me take shelter in the shadow of your wings.

I pity those who reject you, Lord, and hurt for those who do not know the reliability of your truth and the comfort of your grace. I pity them because they rely on themselves and walk aimlessly through life without your guidance. They don’t recognize their own selfishness or the damage it does to their hearts. They don’t see their own brokenness or the way it hampers their lives. They don’t know that they need you Lord, so the live as if they don’t. But I know that they are mistaken Lord, not because I say so, but because you do.

So deliver them Lord, just as you have delivered me. Save them from their selfishness and sin just as you did with my life. Rescue them from the useless pursuits of this world and help them to see the necessity of a relationship with you. save them from their own wickedness Lord, as you continue to save me from mine.

Do not forsake me and stay far away. Do not ignore me when I call to you. Do not be silent when I cry out for help. Answer me because you are holy. Answer me because you are good. Answer me because I trust you and need you to save me from my sin and shame.

Though I am like a worm, all slimy and gross by the standard of your holiness, do not let me be mocked for my faith, nor persecuted for your truth. But rescue me because you delight in my service and love to hear me worship you. Rescue me because I am too weak and weary to rescue myself, as if I ever could. Rescue me because my mouth is too dry to call out to you and my eyes are too tired to open. Rescue me because of the One whose hands and feet were pierced for my transgression that I might be forgiven through his sacrifice.  

Do not be far off, Lord. Do not be distant from me. Rescue me! Save me! Deliver me from my sin, so that I can worship you once again. Let me surrender my life to you so I can be spared from the enemy of death. Let me hold fast to the good news that Jesus died for my sins, just as the Bible teaches. Let me acknowledge that he was buried, and raised from the dead on the third day, just as the Bible teaches. Let me accept the truth that Peter, the apostles and many others witnessed Christ’s resurrection and confirmed all that is written about him. And let me proclaim it to others through everything I say and do, that they might know Jesus as well.

May I never be ashamed of my Lord and Savior, in whose name I pray, Amen.

~Read: Psalm 16, 17, 22; Jeremiah 38:14-28; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; Matthew 11:1-6