Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, October 3, 2011

Loving God,

Thank you for being good and thank you for loving me forever. Try as I may, I cannot praise you enough because you have done so many wonder things for your people throughout history, and you have done so many wonderful things for me.

You bless those who pursue justice and give joy to those who do right. So remember me Lord, and show me your kindness. Save me and bless me with many good things. Give me happiness and joy in all that I do for the glory and praise of your magnificent name.

For though you have seen my sin and the selfishness of my heart, you are faithful and true to those who love you. Though I often forget your kindness and neglect your holy commands, you rescue me, nonetheless, because of your unending love. You redeem me to demonstrate your great power, so that I might trust your word and worship you once more.

Do not let me forget your great works or reject your guidance and care. Do not let me be tempted by greed or gluttonous desires for more than I need. Do not let me bow down to my idols of family, friends and financial security. Do not let me forget how you work or grumble about what you have done. Do not give me what I think I want, my Savior, but give me what I really need—more love for you and more strength to obey. Help me to do right in your eyes, Lord God, for I have done many things against you, and I don’t want to live like that again.

Cover me with your righteousness and wash away the stain of my sin. Give me a thankful and submissive heart. Do not reject me because of my selfishness and sin, but hear my repentance and remember your promise to save me. Demonstrate your great compassion and love so that I might continue to thank you. Bless me now, as you always have, so that I might continue to praise your holy name.

Help me, God, to do only what is good and beneficial. Help me to use the freedom you have given me to build others up and draw them into closer fellowship with you. Help me to imitate Christ, in his grace, mercy, love, kindness, compassion, holiness, and truth.

By his grace and for his glory, I pray all these things through him, Amen.

~Read: Psalm 106:1-48; (2 Kings 21:1-18); 1 Corinthians 10:14-11:1; Matthew 8:28-34