Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, October 17, 2011

Lord God,

I’ve given you my life and trusted you with my soul, so please don’t let me be disgraced. Don’t allow me to be shamed. Don’t let my enemies mock me and gloat. Don’t let those who despise you to call me a fool. Prove them wrong, Lord. Show them your power, and show them your might. For all those who deny your existence and reject your law, reveal yourself in all your glory, and vindicate your servant.

Teach me your ways, Lord, and show me the path that leads to you. Lead me to salvation through the truth of your word and do not make me wait, but remember your great love for me and show me your mercy. Forgive the foolish sins from my past and keep me from making the same mistakes in my life once again, for the sake of your goodness and grace.

Instruct me in your ways Lord, and teach me to be humble. Silence all my pride, and don’t allow me to forget my great need for you. Show me your faithfulness and forgive all my sin and guilt just as you have promised, through your Son, my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Direct my life and guard my steps so that everything goes well with my life. Keep me from stumbling or falling into familiar temptations while I focus my eyes on you.

Turn your ear to me and be gracious, Lord God, for even as I trust you and pursue your glory, my heart is still heavy with anxiety and fear. My troubles are too many for me to bear and my sorrow is overwhelming. Though I know that much of my trouble is the self-inflicted result of my sin, I pray you will forgive all I have done and renew my soul. Restore me to what I am supposed to be and help me to follow you.

Then I will proclaim your wonderful work and worship your magnificent name. I will praise you with a thankful heart that is full of wonder and love. I will rejoice with your people even in times of sorrow, knowing the sorrow will not last long, because you, Lord God, will save me. You have maintained your servant and fulfilled your gracious promise to me. For I know, Lord God, that you are faithful. I know that you are good, because you will never forsake those who seek you. You will not abandon those who trust in your name.

Be gracious to me, because I trust your name. Be good to me because I seek you. See my affliction and rescue me from my troubles. Make yourself known and bring glory and honor to your name.

Through Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.

~Read: Psalm 9, 15, 25; (Jeremiah 44:1-14); (1 Corinthians 15:30-41); (Matthew 11:16-24)