Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, October 24, 2011


Be gracious to me and bless me even in my weakness. Deliver me from my troubles, protect me, and preserve me. Bless me, Lord, and sustain my life. Heal me, and return me to full health. Be gracious to me even though I have sinned against you. Even though I have rejected your love and run from your grace, be good to me, or else I will I perish.

I feel like everyone is out to get me, Lord, like no one is ever happy with what I do, or say. They critique, criticize, and judge, as if they expect me to be perfect; and they often fail to show me with the same grace I show them. Instead, they love me when things are going well with them and hate me what they are struggling. Evil pours from their mouths as they whisper about me, and question everything I do. They speak nicely to my face but tear me down behind my back, and insult me.

But your grace, O Lord, carries me through. My brokenness is healed by your mercy. Your love brings me courage and peace. Be gracious to me and bless me even in my weakness. Do not let evil prevail. Demonstrate your goodness to me, my Savior and my God, because I love righteousness. Show me again how I can count on you to be my safe refuge during life’s storms. Give me confidence and make me strong like a tree deeply rooted in your love. Then I will thank you forever, because of wonderful things you have done for me.

Show me your goodness and grace, like you have always done for your people. Demonstrate for me, once again, the wonder of your works. For you are my King and my God, to whom I give thanks. Though I feel rejected and disgraced at times, you give me victory over all my foes, and by your power, I am saved from my sin.

Turn my heat back to you and heal me, Lord. Do not forget the plight of your servant or leave me in my despair. Rise up and redeem me, because of your unending love. Give me peace, by your grace. Help me be a faithful witness for Christ, who loves me and has set me free from my sins by his blood, and comes again to establish his everlasting Kingdom.

Give me patience, Lord, and help me to endure the trials and troubles I will face until that day. Make me strong and courageous; and give me a heart that is passionate about your gospel every day as I worship and serve you with my life.

By your grace and for your glory, I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

~ Read: Psalm 41, 52, 44; (Zechariah 1:7-17); Revelation 1:4-20, (Matthew 12:43-50)