Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, October 31 , 2011


Be gracious to me. Have mercy on my weary soul, for I am tired, and my troubles seem to grow by the day. Just when I think, they’re beginning to subside, they seem to increase all the more; and I don’t know what to do.

When I’m afraid, Lord, I trust you because nothing can harm me when I am in your care. Though I am sure to experience trials and troubles throughout life, I know they will be temporary, and my pain brief.
For you will rescue me from my trials and suffering. You will keep my feet from falling so that I might walk before you in the light of life. Be merciful to me, O God, and give me refuge for my soul.

Keep me safe in the shadow of your wings until life’s storms pass, and all danger is gone. Fulfill your purpose for me, Lord, and redeem my life by your unfailing love. Demonstrate your faithfulness and defend my soul from the sin that devours it. I have complete confidence in you, Lord, for I know that you care for me. I know that your love is greater than any trial I will face, and that gives me joy.

I thank you for your goodness and love. I thank you that you care for me. I pray that everything I do will glorify you, and everything I say will honor your name. Yet, I pray you will hear my complaint and listen to my call for help. Protect my life and preserve me. Keep me from the snares of my selfishness and sin, lest I do anything to dishonor your name.

Keep me from injustice, Lord. Steer me from my pride. Help me to reflect your truth and reject the jealousy, envy, greed and hypocrisy that are always present in my thoughts. Search my heart to reveal my sinfulness, and remove it from me, I pray, to that I can serve you in grace and truth, mercy and justice, love, peace, patience and righteousness.

All praise is due to you Lord God, for you have heard my prayer. Bless me as I come to you and seek to serve you with my life. Satisfy my heart with all that you are, and restore the hope of my salvation. Give me the strength and courage to proclaim your gospel to the ends of the earth, so that all might know and praise your gracious and glorious name.
By your grace and for your glory I pray through Jesus Christ, Amen.

~Read: Psalm 56; 57; 58, 65; (Nehemiah 6); (Rev. 10); (Matthew 13:36-43)