Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love you Lord, because you are my strength. I love you because you provide stability and protection for my life. I love you because you shelter me from the harshest of storms, and provide salvation for my soul in the safety of your presence.

You are worthy of all my praise because you save me when I when I call out your name. You save me from death through faith in your Son and rescue me from the devastation of my sin. When it seems all hope is gone, and my heart is about to despair, I call out to you for help, and you hear my voice. You answer my prayers because you are faithful and true, and your love for me endures forever.

Though you don’t always do what I’d hoped you would do, I will not complain, because I know you have plans for me. I know you see what lies ahead, so I trust wherever you may lead. I trust your goodness and your power, because you have never let me down and lead me astray.

Hear me Lord, once again. Hear me when I call out to you and answer my prayers for help. Though the enemy is strong, you are stronger. Though he hates me because I follow you, I will not overcome me because you are too powerful for him. So do not let him tempt me, Lord. Do not let him get near my heart. Do not deal with me according to my own righteousness, for I am sinful and broken. I need your forgiveness and healing. So deal with me according to the righteousness and grace of your Son Jesus, who washes away the stain of all my sin.

Then, I will keep your ways and obey your commands. I will live for your glory and honor you in all that I do. Because you rescued me Lord, I will praise your name for your great mercy, and glorify you for purifying my soul.

Give me a humble heart, gracious God, because I know you despise arrogance and pride. Shine the light of your word into my life so I don’t get lost in the darkness and wander away from you. Show me your perfect way, so I can grow in the safety of your presence, and experience your perfection and holiness. Equip me with strength and courage so I can defend your truth and promote your justice. Make my way secure and help me to stay true to you in the ways that I worship you and demonstrate your love to others.

Just as you have done for me, Lord, help me to be supportive of those in need. Help me to be gentle with those who are hurt. Help me to protect the helpless and strengthen those who are weak, so that they might make their way to you. In all I do, may I never reject your word, or forget how you save me from the pit of despair.

Instead, let me worship you with all that I have, and all that I am. Let me love you more than comfort, peace, love, wealth, power, family, friends, anything else in all of creation. Let me love you more than life itself that I might take up my cross of sacrifice, and serve you in everything I do. Let my entire life bring you honor.

~Read: Psalm 18:1-50; Jeremiah 38:1-13; 1 Corinthians 14:26-40; Matthew 10:34-42