Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lord God,

Demonstrate your faithfulness and vindicate my life. Show me your goodness because I have tried to walk in your ways. Test my heart and check my motives. Examine my life, and see how I desire to follow you.

For, your love is always before me. Your grace and mercy are everywhere I turn. I see it in how you guide me away from hypocrisy and deceit. I recognize it in how you wash me with your grace. I know you are guiding me, protecting me and drawing me closer to you because I have a grateful heart that could not worship you, if you had not enabled it to do so.

I confess my heart is stubborn I’ve seen how hard it can be. I’ve heard it spew hatred, anger, jealousy, lust, envy, greed and apathy. I’ve felt it writhe in self-righteous indignation, as if it were more honest and pure than the hearts of others.

But I know that it’s not, Lord. I know that my heart is selfish. I know it is full of sin. So I know that it could not love you if your Spirit did not dwell within. I know that my heart would not be grateful or be able to worship your name. So I’m thankful you have enabled it to do so, and I know I am a product of your mercy and grace.

That’s why I praise you, my Lord and my God, because I know you have heard my cry for help. I know you protect and defend me. I know I can trust you with my life. I know that you help me with all that I need, which gives me great joy and peace. Because you always protect your people; you defend them from harm, like a shepherd caring for his flock.

Lord God, forgive the wicked and those who do not fear you, just as you have forgiven me. Forgive those who arrogantly promote themselves and advance their own welfare, as if they could do no wrong. Have mercy on those who fill their mouths with hypocrisy, gossip and deceit. Be gracious to those promote hate, encourage violence and detest love. Forgive those who have hurt me in the past, with their cruel and insensitive words. Forgive those who have lied about me and made my life difficult and hard. Forgive all those who have rejected your ways and turn their hearts back to you. Forgive them, Lord, as you have forgiven me, and help me to forgive them as well.

Demonstrate your great love over all the earth. Display your faithfulness and glory. Give me refuge in the shadow of your wings, in your presence were no harm can come to me. Let me live with you Lord and delight in your holiness and truth. Be my life and my light forever. Guard my actions and hold my tongue, so that nothing I say or do will dishonor you.

Be my hope and forgive me my sin, by your grace and for your glory, I pray, Amen

~Read: Psalm 26, 28, 36, 39; Lamentations 1:1-12; 1 Corinthians 15:41-50; Matthew 11:25-30