Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lord God,

My heart is filled with joy and my thoughts with images of your beauty, as I bring my prayers to you. For you are the most gracious God, and you deserve all my praise. By your power, you are victorious. Your glory and majesty are beyond compare. Your truth will stand firm, and your reign will last forever and ever.

Show me how to love righteousness and hate wickedness. Teach me how to do good and live according to your law. Then I will follow you as I should and worship you as you deserve. For you are the great King over all the earth. You reign from your holy thrown, demonstrating justice and mercy to all who praise your name.

Great are you Lord and greatly to be praised. You are holy, just, merciful, loving, powerful, faithful and true. You protect me when I am oppressed and preserve me when I am weak and weary. You love me despite me sin and forgive me because of your grace. Though life is filled with heartaches and pains, you fill my heart with joy and my thoughts with images of your beauty as I bring my prayers to you.

Rebuild my heart, Lord God, and dwell in me. Repair the damage I’ve done by my sin and selfishness. Rebuild your dwelling place in my heart and restore me to what you created me to be. For I have sinned against you alone, gracious God. I’ve rebelled against you in my failures to obey your law. I’ve brought about my own troubles and caused others to struggle because of my selfishness, and for that I am deeply sorry. Forgive my sin and rebuild my heart, so that you might dwell there once more.

Let me reflect your holiness. Help me demonstrate your grace. Teach me your ways that I might follow you with joy, all the days of my life, and worship you on your throne, forever and ever. Help me, Almighty God, to give you the glory, honor and praise you deserve in everything that I do.

Help me, Lord, to tell others about your mercy, justice, hope and love. Give me the wisdom to speak your truth. Show me how I can demonstrate your grace to everyone that I meet, so that they might know your name and praise you as they should. Help me to plant the seeds of the gospel everywhere I go, just as you did through your Son, Jesus Christ.

In his holy and majestic name I pray, Amen

~ Read: Psalm 45, 47, 48; Ezra 5, Revelation 4, Matthew 13:1-9