Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lord God,

Please speak to me when I pray to you. Listen to my prayers and let me hear your voice because I feel like giving up. I feel like throwing in the towel because I don’t know what else to do. I worship you Lord, and I trust you alone, so please, Lord, don’t lump me in with those who think only of themselves and never see the gravity of their own sin. Show me your justice and mercy. Show me your truth and grace. Give me strength and shield me. Help my heart to trust you more and defend me from all harm. Be my shepherd and save me from the destructiveness of sin, so I can obey your commands and follow your will for my life.

Listen to me Lord, and show me your love. Revive me, so I can fulfill my promises to you. Keep me from seeking my own gain and benefit, so that I be the person you call me to be and live as you call me to live. Rescue me, redeem me, restore me, and save me by your mercy, according to your love.

Help me to live by your true word, so I can find the peace that only you can give, for I know that my salvation comes from knowing Jesus Christ, so all my hope rests in you. Lord, hear my cry for help and answer my prayers. Give me wisdom just as you promised, so that I might understand your will and obey all your commands for your glory.

Lord, if you punished me for all my sins, I would not have hope. But as it is, you forgive me, so that I can worship you with all my heart, and wait eagerly for you to fulfill all your promises. I trust you will do this Lord, and I put my hope in your faithfulness, because I know your love never fails. I know you will set me free completely and redeem me from every kind of sin.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for sacrificing your body. Thank you for shedding your blood. Thank you for giving your life so my sins could be forgiven and my selfishness undone. Thank you loving me and hearing my prayers, in your name I pray, Amen

~Read: Psalm 28, 119:145-176, (129), 130; (2 Kings 22:14-23:3); 1 Corinthians 11:23-34; (Matthew 9:9-17)