Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lord God,

You bless those who follow your teachings and walk in your ways. You strengthen those who seek you with all of their heart and obey you in love. For you call your people to obedience and promise to honor them when they keep your commands. So, I will try to keep your commands and obey your will that I might receive your blessing and honor.

Do not forsake me in my pursuit, gracious God, do not allow me to stumble and dishonor you. Show me, instead, how to keep my way pure. Write your word on my heart and etch it into my mind so that won’t forget it and wander away from what it teaches. Give me a thankful heart to worship you for all the blessings you have given me. For I know, dear Lord, that even when things seem to be at their worst, I am blessed beyond belief. I have so much to be grateful for even when things aren’t going the way I hope, you deserve all my praise.

Therefore, I will contemplate your precepts by night and apply them to my life by day. I will rejoice in what you have given me, instead of grumbling in what I don’t have. I will serve you in everything I do as I travel along the path of righteousness that leads me home, into your presence.

Still, my heart is heavy for those who have wandered away from you. It aches for those who have rejected your truth and missed the goodness of your grace. It hurts for those who refuse to acknowledge your sovereignty, because they have been deceived, and their faith is built upon lies. They flatter themselves, and one another, believing they are like gods, masters of their own destinies. They boast of the great things they have done and take no responsibility for how they have treated others. My heart breaks for them, Lord, because they do not recognize the error of their ways. They do not see the danger they are in.

Arise Lord, and save them, just as you saved me. Reveal their sin and soften their hearts that they might repent and turn to you. Refine us together and purify our hearts. Remove the evil from our hearts that finds pleasure in sin, and heal us so that we might have a heart to praise you. Make us strong and mature, but keep us humble, lest we believe we have reached our goal. Convict us when we sin, and help us to put others before ourselves. And most of all Lord, give us the courage and strength to acknowledge you before others, for your glory and by your grace, I pray, Amen.

~Read Psalm 119:1-24, 12, 13, 14, Jeremiah 37:3-21; 1 Corinthians 14:13; Matthew 10:24-33