Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gracious Lord,  

Don’t forget your promise to me. Remember your pledge to be my salvation and my hope. Give me comfort in my trouble and reassurance in times of doubt. Do not lump me in with those who despise you, or reject your commands, but give me comfort in your law, for your word is like a song to me. Your law is like a melody of grace and truth in my life. I pity those who reject your law, because they do not know your grace and truth. But as for me, Lord, I will obey all that you teach me, because your truth is a blessing to my life.

Show me your favor, Lord, and I will remember you in my thoughts. Shower me with your blessings once more and I will follow you. Be gracious to me according to your promise and draw me closer to you. Demonstrate your everlasting love to me, and I will make it known to others.

Though evil tries to drag me down and Satan temps me to stray, I will not forget all that you’ve done for me. I will not reject your law or overlook your promises, because I know that you are faithful and true. I know you have been merciful to me at every turn and for that I am grateful.

Merciful God, teach me good judgment and give me knowledge. Strengthen my faith so that I will not stray. Help me to love others, just as you have loved me, and make me delight in all that you are. For I know I would waste away without you, Lord. I know I would die without your love. Teach me all about who you are, so I can follow you and show others the way.

Give me words of wisdom to encourage others in their faith, and help me to set an example for them. Do not let me trust in myself for salvation, but make my heart trust in you alone. For I know that no one can be saved apart from you. I know that no one can redeem themselves from their sins. I know that salvation comes from you alone, so I will love according to that truth and teach others to do the same.

Lord, search my heart, for pride. Examine it for anything that would keep me from following you the way I should. Purge my mind of any selfish thoughts and correct my heart when my motives are not pure. Safeguard my soul, so I will not put my confidence in anything but you. Be my salvation and my light. Be my Shepherd and my King. Ransom my soul from the power of sin and save me from death for your glory.

I count myself blessed to know you, God, despite the trials I face and the troubles that fill my life. I would not want it any other way, if I could not know your grace and truth. So I will not grumble or complain, whatever my circumstances may be, for I know they are only temporary. I know that despite my current struggles, one day I will have victory over sin, death and all the troubles of this life, because of you. So again, despite the trials and face and the troubles of my life, I count myself truly blessed to know I am saved by you.

In the name of your Son Jesus, I pray. Amen.

~Read: Psalm 119:49-72, 49, 53; Ezra 6; Revelation 5:1-10; Matthew 13:10-17