Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, November 4, 2011

Save Me, O God

Save me from despair and self-destruction. Rescue me from all that overwhelms me, for I feel like I am sinking. I feel like I am stuck in the mire, and I cannot seem to find a foothold. I am exhausted from trying and weary of crying out for help. Life is so difficult Lord. It’s getting away from me, and I don’t know where else to turn.

I realize that I’ve brought on many of these problems myself. I know my own pride, selfishness, and envy, have messed everything up and undermined my ability to see things clearly. I don’t deny it, Lord, because I can’t hide it from you. You’ve seen all my foolishness and sin, but I hope that won’t stop you from helping me.

I pray you won’t leave me stuck in my sin, or abandon me to the shame and humiliation that will surely sweep over me. For I have tried to be faithful to you. I’ve endured insults and humiliation for your sake Lord. My devotion to you is stronger than anything else, and it is all that I have left. So please don’t let me be embarrassed or shamed. Answer me, so that all who doubt your existence, will see and know that you are real, and you are not silent.

This will be my continued prayer, and I will wait for your answer with patience. I will continue to worship and serve you because of your great love for me, and your promise that it will never cease. And I know, that in time, you will rescue me from sinking in the mire. You will not let the flood of life’s stresses, overwhelm me, nor the depth of despair, swallow me up.

Answer me, because of your enduring love, your abundant mercy and grace. Do not hide your face from me in my distress, but come quickly to comfort me in my sorrow and soothe my pain. Redeem me and ransom me from my sin, so that I will never be separated from you.

For my guilt overwhelms my heart, Lord. The remorse I feel for my failures to obey you, is just too great for me to bear. I hate myself for being tempted, and I despise myself for giving in. I don’t like the way I envy those who are more popular, successful, talented, and wealthy. I wish I didn’t feel contempt for them, but I do.

Moreover, I detest how I complain about my own life. How I am so quick to forget the many blessings you have given me, and so easily grumble that you haven’t done enough for me lately. Forgive me, when I do not consider my salvation, nor count what it cost you. Forgive me, when I don’t thank you the way I ought to, or live with the joy, peace, and contentment that you offer to me. For I know you hear my prayers and answer according to your great salvation, which you offer to me through Jesus Christ, my Savior, and Lord.
Through him, I pray all these things, Amen

~Read: Psalm 69:1-36, 73; Ezra 7:27-28, 8:21-36; Revelation 15; Matthew 14:13-21