Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, November 11, 2011

O LORD, the God who saves me,

My soul cries out to you all day, and at night, it calls out some more. So hear my prayer, and listen to my pleas for help. I’ve had so many troubles as of late. I feel like I am going to die. I feel like I’ve been abandoned, as if I am already dead and beyond help. I feel as though I have been thrown into the lowest pit of despair where no one will remember me, and no one really cares.

If I didn’t know any better, Lord, I would say you have done this to me. You have rejected me because of your anger with my sin. You have left me to struggle and die. You have driven away my friends and removed my blessings. You have reversed all my fortunes and undone all my success. If I didn’t know any better Lord, I would say that you are out to get me because I have failed to Trust you as I should.

Instead, my peace is dependent on my 401k, IRA, savings and so forth. My happiness comes from the things that I attain. My confidence is based on the approval of my family, friends and others I care about. And my joy is comes from my the perceived success or failures of my endeavors. Lord, I acknowledge that everything I should be getting from you, I look for in other places.

As a result, when my finances are strapped, I have no peace. When I don’t have some new gadget to amuse me, I’m not happy. When my friends and family aren’t as supportive or encouraging as I wish, I have no confidence. When my things aren’t going well, and I feel like I am failing, I have no joy. Let’s face it, Lord, I look to everything else for the things I need, when I should be looking to you.

Help me, Lord. Demonstrate your faithfulness, and shower my failing heart with your undying love. My soul cries out for your healing you all day and night, so please do not turn a deaf ear to my plea. Do not let me languish in the darkness of my suffering.

Instead, be my refuge from such pain. Give me shelter from the guilt of my sin that draws me away from you. Don’t allow me to seek unjust answers to my lack of faith, but help me to trust more and more in you, for everything that I need.

Rescue me from the trap of self-righteous, and stop me from justifying my sin. Give me a heart that is humble, obedient, and pure. Hide me from the worries of the day and fears of the night. Give me confidence in the love you have for me, that you demonstrated when you sent your Son, Jesus, to spread out his arms and die on the cross for my sins.

Answer me as I call out to you and pray in his holy and magnificent name, Amen.

~ Read: Psalm 88, 91, 92; Revelation 19:11-16; Matthew 16:13-20