Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday November 18, 2011

Hear my prayer, O Lord;

Hear me when I cry out to you and do not hide your face from me in my distress. Turn to me and answer my prayer when I call out to you. For my life is going by so quickly. One day, my children are young and my entire life is ahead of me; the next day, they’re all grown up, and it seems like I’ve missed everything. Sometimes, I lie awake at night like a lonely bird in the wilderness thinking about it, and I just feel sad, because there’s nothing I can do about it, except grieve for the time that is gone.

Though time was once on my side, it is now like an enemy that taunts me and there is nothing that eases my hurt. Even food and drink are like ashes and tears to me, adding to my misery and making me feel worse. It makes me wonder if you are angry with me God. Have I done something to make you reject me? Why do you let my days fade away like a shadow on the wall? Answer me, please, for you are the only one who can.

Have pity on me, gracious God. Show me your compassion. You are sovereign over all the earth and do not ignore the prayers of those who need you. One day, when you return in all your glory, every nation will fear you, and leaders will bow to your name, but I will stand up and praise you, my Lord and my King, for you looked down from your holiness in heaven and heard my calls for help. You took pity on me in my pain when I felt like I was doomed to die, and you saved me. .

Do not take me away before I have seen that day. Do not let my life end before I have fulfilled your purpose for my life. Instead, preserve me, and help me to endure the great pains and struggles of my life. Demonstrate your power over all creation, and complete your work in my life; for no one can undermine your purpose. No one can stop your plan. You laid the foundations of the earth, and created the heavens with your own hands. Though they will perish and disappear, you will remain forever, because you are God, and your years have no end. Your people will always be secure in your presence, and their children will thrive because of you.

So I praise you for my redemption and I than you for the good that you do. Your great love endures forever, and your mercy goes on without end. Though I wander away from you at times, you continually draw me back to you. You satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst. You deliver me from the greatest threats and distress in my life, even when I’m unaware you are doing so.

Lead me on the straight path to you and do not let me wander away anymore. Make my heart thankful and my spirit glad for the great things you have done. Let me live out whatever days I have left, in the confidence of my redemption through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, Amen.

~Read: Psalm 102, 107:1-32; Revelation 22:6-13; Matthew 18:10-20