Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday November 14, 2011

Lord God,

Thank you for your faithfulness and unfailing love for me. Thank you that your goodness and kindness are more abundant than my wickedness and sin. Thank you for the promise that you made to your servant long ago, to preserve your people and establish your eternal Kingdom for them.

Certainly, all heaven and earth should praise you for your wondrous grace. Surely, all creation must worship you for your truth. For, no one else can praise you Lord. No one else can compare. Even your angels worship you in awe because you are awesome and mighty.

Lord, you tame the oceans with your right hand and subdue the storm with your left. You overcome your enemies so that your people can be secure, demonstrating that everything in heaven and on earth answers to you. The world is yours and everything in it. You created north and south, east and west to reveal your glory. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; your love and faithfulness go on forever.

It is an honor to worship you, Lord. It is a blessing and privilege to praise your holy name. For, I desire to live in your presence and see the light of your glory. I long to experience the grace that is mine through Jesus. I can’t wait to know the victory that you give to those who faithfully follow him to forgiveness and salvation.

Help me, Lord, to stay faithful and true to him. Give me a heart to serve the one you have anointed with power and strength. Help me to worship the King you’ve chosen to reign over all creation. Give me the courage to stand with him when he defeats his enemies and humbles his foes. Let me experience the abundance of your love that flows from him, and help me submit to the authority you have given him.

Father God, you are the Rock of my salvation. Let me stay in your love forever. Let me never forsake your ways. Let me always be obedient and dedicated to your will so that I will never experience the displeasure of your discipline.

Do not reject me or cast me off because of my sin, but remember your promise and save me, for your glory and honor, though Jesus Christ—my Lord and Savior, I pray, Amen and Amen.

~ Read: Psalm 89:1-52; Revelation 20:7-15; Matthew 17:1-13