Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, November 3, 2011

O Lord,

Do not delay in sending me aid. Come quickly and rescue me from my troubles. Help me, and save me from the shame of my sin, before it crushes me under the weight of its guilt. Come quickly, Lord, and renew my sin sick soul. Rescue me, so I can seek you with joy and gladness. Heal me, so I can embrace your love and salvation. Make me strong so I can praise your holy name once more.

Do not forsake or abandon me when I am weak and weary, for you are the only refuge that I have. You alone are my shelter from storms. Save me, Lord, in your righteousness. Deliver me for the sake of your holy name. Hear my calls for help and rescue me. Be my rock, my shield and my fortress strong. Save me from the cruelty and injustice of this world.

Lord, you are my only hope. You are my strength and courage. Give me faith and help me trust your provision and protection; for sometimes you feel very far away God. Sometimes I feel all alone in this world, even when I’m worshipping you, surrounded by your people. I confess I am weak. I admit that I cannot merit my salvation. I know that every good think I have comes from you. I recognize that I am blessed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining Lord. I just want to be closer to you. I simply want to feel your presence. I want to experience the power of your Spirit working in my life so that I can tell everyone of your righteous acts, and your glorious works of salvation. I want to have your courage as I proclaim all the great things you have done throughout history, and how you saved my soul. I want to you’re your blessing as I demonstrate your grace and truth to everyone I meet, so that they might worship you too. I just want to feel your presence in my life, so I can honor you the way I should.

So do not cast me aside, Lord God. Do not forget me in my struggles. Remember me, and do not let me bring shame to your holy name. But save me by the same power you used to create the earth. Rescue me with the same authority with which you command the seas. Remember you promise and restore me to you, that I might stay forever, in your presence.

Though I have seen many troubles, I know you will revive my soul. From the depths of the earth, you will raise me to life, so I can worship you with joy, and praise your greatness forever. Do not delay, O Lord. Give me rest from my labor and peace from my struggles.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

~Read: Psalm 70, 71, 74; Ezra 7:1-26; Revelation 14:1-13, Matthew 14:1-12