Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday November 15, 2011

Lord God,

Let my heart be glad and fill my life with joy. Make me thankful for today, and help me to see your gracious hand in everything around me. Show me the glory of your creation and the beauty of your righteousness. Turn me away from the idols of my heart and help me to focus on you alone. For you, Lord God, are more glorious than anything in heaven or on earth. You are worthy of all my praise, because you deliver me from the condemnation of sin, and you make me feel your love.

Gracious God, it is a joy to know your law. Bless me and teach me your commands. Give me rest from my daily troubles and keep me from falling into a pit of despair over my struggles and failures. I know you will not forsake me Lord, yet at times it feels like you have. At times my troubles seem so great that I can hardly move and I need your help. I need your unfailing love to pull me out of the mire of the doubts that fill my mind. I need your Spirit to comfort me renew my cheer.
Defend me, Lord, and be the rock on which I stand.

Demonstrate your justice and reveal your holiness to the world. Humble the proud, subdue the violent, devastate the greedy. Do not let the wicked get away with murder, but bring them to justice for their sin and make them submit to your righteousness. Do not let the evil oppress your people, but rise up and defend all those who love you, Lord. Defend your holy name against their lies and slander.

Lord God, let the earth celebrate your glory and the nations be glad for your justice. Let everything that has breath praise your great and awesome name. Demonstrate your holiness once more and display your love and justice. Give us the words to proclaim your grace and speak your truth to everyone. And give us willing and thankful hearts,  to praise your name, and accept the unfailing love you offer to us, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

In his name I pray. Amen.

~ Read: Psalm 94, 95, 97, 99, 100; Revelation 21:1-8; Matthew 17:14-21