Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday November 29, 2011

Lord God,

Hear my prayer and listen to my voice. Respond to my call and rescue me, for I want to live my life for you, but I don’t I have the energy or courage to do so. I have no strength left to fight the idols of my heart, and I need your help; for I know my sin is not acceptable to you. I understand that my selfishness is offensive to your purity, and my pride, in conflict with your holiness. I realize I am unworthy of your mercy and grace, but I know that your love can never fail.

Because of your great love for me, I know I will worship in your presence one day. Because of your unending compassion, I am certain I see your holy face. So I pray you will lead me in your righteous, Lord. Show me how to serve you and guide all my thoughts, words and deeds. Teach me how to love you more and help me to honor you through everything I do.

Give me a humble heart instead of boasting lips. Cleanse my heart of the sin within and remove all my guilt. Wash away the stain of my rebellion against you and make me clean again. Give me refuge in your presence from all my enemies, and let me live in your joy.

Help me, Lord, to love others, just as I have been loved by you. Help me to show them your grace and give me the courage to speak your truth whenever I can. Bless me with your kindness and do not condemn me in my sin nor punish me in your just anger, though I know that is what I deserve. Instead, merciful God, have pity on me because I am weak, and restore me to health. Heal my brokenness and relieve my pain. Look upon me with your great love, and rescue me from all that troubles my weary heart, for I cannot praise you if I am crushed by my troubles. I cannot worship if I am overwhelmed by my sin.

It fills me with grief just thinking about it because I know that life is hopeless without you Lord. I need your help to survive. I need your mercy to forgive my sin. I need your grace to believe. I need your power to protect me from harm, and I need your love to live.

Please do not stay far away from me in times of trouble, nor remain silent when I call out for help. Do not leave me to suffer at that hands of my enemies nor permit me to be swept away by my sin; but give me the strength to resist and the courage to stand in your truth. Shield me from the temptations, lies, attacks and fears that threaten to topple my faith and keep me close to you.

For the sake of your Son, Jesus, in whose name I pray. Amen.

~Read: Psalm 5, 6, 10, 11, Amos 3:1-11; 2 Peter 1:12-21; Matthew 21:12-22