Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lord God,

Despite my failure to obey you as I should, I love your word and what it teaches me about your justice, mercy, truth, and grace. It guides me as I go throughout my day, reminding me of what you expect., and assuring me of your unfailing love. Your word helps me stay close to you, by showing me where you are, just as a flashlight might illuminate my way on a dark path. It enables me follow, and I’m committed to keeping my life moving in that direction.

Though I have suffered much, Lord, I know you will restore my life again as you have promised. Though I have sinned against you, I am confident you will accept my offerings and praise. Teach me to love you more dearly, gracious God, and don’t let me forget anything you have said. Guide me away from wickedness and fill my heart with joy, especially when I can’t seem to find it myself.

Lord, you are my refuge and my shield. Even though I have many troubles and struggles, you continue to keep me from falling away despite my unfaithfulness to you. You give me hope. Keep me from falling into my sinful and selfish habits and behaviors. Banish all such thoughts from my mind. Do not let me cause myself guilt and shame but hold me up, and keep me safely by your side.

Gracious God, I admit that I am tempted to despair at times. Filled with worries, troubles, failures and fears, I doubt your provision and love regularly, and it makes me wonder how you could still love me; but some how, some way, you continue to draw me back to yourself. Every day, you fill my heart with the strength I need to get up and continue to fight. It’s not easy. I admit. I often don’t feel like doing so, but you make it happen.

That’s why I worship you despite my troubles. That’s how I feel comfort and joy despite all the pain and sorrow that exists in life. Because I know you are there, preserving my life and moving me forward. If that were not the case, I would be the same person I was a one, five, ten or twenty years ago; but I’m not, because you are continually changing me and relieving me of the burden of my sin.

So do not give me over to my stubborn heart or allow me to follow my own desire. Instead, Lord God, make me walk in your ways and follow your commands. Rescue me in my weakness and answer me when I am in need. Establish your justice over all the earth and proclaim your truth.

Bless me, my God, so I may worship you today, as your people always have. Guide me as I serve you in everything I do. Let me find joy in the day of the Lord, and peace for my heart in your presence. Heal me of my brokenness and restore me once again.

In the name of your Son, Jesus, I pray, Amen.

~ Read: Psalm 119:97-120, 81, 82; Nehemiah 7:73-8:18; Revelation 18:21-24; Matthew 15:29-39