Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday November 30, 2011

Lord God,

My life is truly blessed when I listen to your word and observe what it teaches. Though it’s not always easy to live for you, even so, it gives me an unexplainable sense of joy to obey you in love. When life is overwhelming, I find peace, in quiet prayer. When I’m discouraged, I receive encouragement through corporate worship. When selfishness seems to rule my life, I still find humility in service. And when everything seems hopeless, your word gives me reason to go on.

That’s why I strive to obey your law and resist my natural selfishness, because I know that my life is truly blessed when I listen to your word and observed what it teaches. I know that it’s not up to me to choose which teachings I will obey and which I will ignore; but ultimately, I must keep them all. I must do whatever is right and praise you for all that you have done; for I know you will not forsake me.

With all my heart, I try to serve you. Please keep me from disobeying your commandments. Guard my heart according to your promises in your word, and do not let me wander away from you. Give me a heart that beats to praise you, and hands that exist, to serve you. Give my lips that only speak your truth and a life that demonstrates your grace. Teach me everything about you, Lord, and help me to enjoy obeying you in love. Fix my eyes on you.

I admit, that I am easily distracted, Lord God. I confess I often lose focus of what is truly important in life. While many of the things that divert my attention from you are good things, like family, fitness, friendship and so on, these things usurp your place in my life and become idols in my heart. Many times, I put them before you by allocating my time, energy and resources for their pleasure and not for your glory.

Forgive me, Lord, and do not reject me when I behave so foolishly. Be good to me, so that I can serve you and obey your teachings in love. Open my eyes so that I can see the beauty of your law; for though it feels restrictive and oppressive to my sinful nature, I know, in my heart, that it’s exactly the opposite. I know that your law is fair and just, merciful and gracious, liberating, truthful encouraging, and hopeful. I know that your law is good because it reveals your holiness and demonstrates just much I need your forgiveness and grace.

Have mercy on me, Father God, because of your Son, Jesus. Forgive me because of the work that he has done. heal me of my brokenness and wash away my sin, because of the sacrifice he gave on my behalf, to bring me back to him.

Do not hold back your abundant blessings because of my sin, and do not forget me in my struggles. But save me, rescue me, and redeem me by your grace and for your glory.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

~Read: Psalm 119:1-24, 12, 13, 14; Amos 3:12-4:5; 2 Peter 3:1-10; Matthew 21:23-32