Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, December 16, 2011

~Read: Psalm 40, 51, 54; Zechariah 7:8-8:8; Revelation 5:6-14; Matthew 25:14-30

Lord God,

I am waiting patiently for you. Please hear my prayer, and save me from being overwhelmed. Rescue me from my constant worries about life. Pull me from my fear disappointment and failure. Help me to cope with the constant demands on my time and energy; for I am under pressure all the time, and the stress is beginning to take a toll. Please, Lord, reach out your hand and pick me up. Give me the strength and self-discipline to move forward again. Grant me happiness and contentment, no matter what my circumstances, so I can honor you with my life.

Help me to be a witness for you, so that others might learn to trust you as well. Let my words be humble, truthful, gentle, and kind. Make my actions merciful, just, helpful, and loving. Take everything I think, do, and say, gracious God, and use it for your glory and honor.

O Lord my God, you have done great things for me. You have blessed my life in more ways than I can count. I confess that sometimes, I take your blessings for granted and complain about that you haven’t done enough for me lately, ultimately I know your plans for me are far more wonderful than I can understand. In fact, if I tried to list all the ways, you have blessed me, protected me, and preserved my life, I couldn’t do it. Indeed, I don’t even realize how many times you have don so. There simply isn’t anyone like you. No one can compare to your greatness.

What amazes me most, holy God, is that you don’t demand big gifts, exceptional talent, special wisdom, or extraordinary sacrifice from your people. You aren’t interested in the size of my bank account, the precision of my performance, the extent of my wisdom, or the magnitude of what I deny for you. You don’t care whether I can give you a little or a lot, as long as I give, because you, are most interested in my heart. You are concerned with the depth of my love for you, demonstrated by my willingness to obey. That’s what matters to you, Lord God, a grateful heart that happily responds to your forgiveness and grace, with love and obedience.

Lord, I want to do what you want. I want to obey your law that is written on my heart. I desire to do your will and conform my thoughts, attitudes, words, and deeds to your word. I want others to see the good work I do and honor you. I want them to hear how your grace in my words, so that they give you all the glory. I want everyone to know the great things you have done for me, so they too might understand your faithfulness and seek the forgiveness and salvation you provide, by grace, through faith in your Son, Jesus Christ.

So help me to demonstrate your mercy. Help me to display your love. Help me to resist the evils of this world, by the strength your Spirit gives me, and do not delay.

I pray all these things in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen. .