Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, December 23, 2011

Gracious Lord,

Lead me by your glory. Guide me in your Strength. Make my foundation firm, so that I will not be shaken; for I feel so very fragile, Lord. I feel as though the slightest wind might blow me over, or the smallest of bumps cause me to fall. However, you, my holy King, stand strong forever and your reign has no beginning or end. Though waves rise and crash about, you are mightier than the oceans, more vast than all the seas. Your decrees are trustworthy, and your holiness benefits your people forever.

The salvation you give Lord, makes me want to sing a blessing to your name, and declare your glory to everyone; for you are great, and you deserve all praise. Unlike all the idols of my heart that I worship, if not overtly, then at least with the allocation of my time and resources, you will not let me down. You cannot fail in your majesty and strength, because you, sovereign God, are perfect and righteous in all your ways. No one compares to you.

You have been my home since the foundation of the world. Before the creation of the world, you were my God, and you always will be. You are the Alpha and Omega--the beginning and the end. Nothing existed before you, and nothing will come after.

God, be merciful to me and do not return me to the dust. Though I do not love you as I should, and thus, fail to obey your word, do not reject me, or turn away from me in my brokenness; for I know I am hopeless without you. Since a thousand years are like a day to you, be patient with me, and give me more time. Do not let me be swept away by my struggles, but give me another chance to demonstrate my love for you. Though I know my troubles are all the result of sin, mostly my own, please don’t leave me to face them alone, because without you, I cannot stand.

Lord, you know that even the best years are filled with trouble, and pain. You know the struggles I face with my anxieties, fears, bad habits, secret addictions, and selfish sins. You know how they weigh me down like a stone sitting on my chest, making it difficult to breath. Please don’t let them be my end; for I know that life is brief so I want to live wisely for you now!

Do not delay, Lord God, but have pity on me. Satisfy the desires of my soul with your unfailing love, so I can worship you for the remainder of my life. Give me gladness, in proportion to the misery I have experienced. Let me see your great works in everything I have, and remind me of your constant provision in the daily blessing that I receive by your hands.

Do not be harsh in your judgment of me, for you know the struggles I face; but deliver me according to your promise through Jesus Christ, who brings light to those who sit in darkness, and salvation to all whose sins are forgiven by grace through faith in him.

In his holy name I pray, Amen

~Read: Psalm 90, 93, 96, 148, 150; Galatians 3:15-22; Luke 1:67-80; Matthew 1:1-17