Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, December 12, 2011

~Read: Psalm 41, 44, 52; Zechariah 1:7-17; Revelation 3:7-13; Matthew 24:15-31


Save me from my troubles, so I can serve you. Protect me, sustain me, and restore my health, so I demonstrate your mercy and compassion to the poor, the powerless the sick, and the lonely. Care for me as I minister to them. Be gracious to me as I seek your glory and honor.

Though I know I have sinned against you, Lord, do not abandon me in my troubles, I pray; but rescue me from those who seek to undermine my faith. Save me from everything that pulls me away from you. Do not let their lies deceive me, nor let their false words cause me to doubt your love; but help me to trust you. Be gracious to me Lord, and make me strong. Sustain my life, as you have done in the past, that I might delight in your provision, and bring your glory.

For you do great things for your people. You protect them, provide for them, and preserve them by your power and might. You bless them with goodness beyond measure, and guide them through your Spirit and holy word. You save them from their afflictions, and set them free from their struggles. You forgive their transgressions and remember their sin no more, because of your great love. You, Lord God, are more gracious than any deserve, and you are worthy of all glory, honor, worship and praise.

You are King over all creation, and Savior of all who worship you. Thank you, gracious God, for forgiving my sin and restoring my relationship with you. Thank you for rescuing me from my guilt and shame. Thank you for keeping my soul safe from condemnation when I wonder from your presence; and thank your for bringing me back again, so that I may boast in all, you have done for me.

Though I’ve felt rejected me at times, and wondered if you had left me in disgrace, I see now, how you provide for your people, and guide them through the difficulties brought on by their sin. I understand how you lead me, even when I’ve turned away from you will for my life.

At times, you allow the consequences of my sin to catch up with me so that I feel the pain of what I have done. You permit me to stumble and fall so that I realize my need for you. You let this happen to me so that I will remember your promise to be my God, and turn back to you in repentance; for you know the secrets of my heart. You know when I sincerely follow you, and when I do it out of false motives and selfishness. You know who I am, what I need, and when I fail, yet you love me still and save me by your grace and mercy.

So do not hide your face from me today, Lord God. Do not leave me alone in my struggles. Do not let me be overwhelmed by the demands that are placed on my time and energies. Do not let me feel embarrassed by my struggles. Do not let my worries and fears distract me from your glory and all that you do for me. Do not let me forget the redemption, salvation and forgiveness that are mine though your Son, Jesus Christ, who died to by my pardon, and lives to intercede for me; for I pray these things in his name, Amen.