Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, December 19, 2011

Gracious God,

Hear my cry, and listen to my prayer for help. From the depths of my soul, I call to you. With a faint heart, I plead for you to intervene; for I need your protection. Without you, I am hopeless and in peril. Let me come to you for safety, and seek shelter in the shadow of your wings. Cover me from the storms that wage around me, and the threat, they pose to my life. Take away my fears and be my comfort and peace. Hear my vows and bless me because of your promise. Demonstrate the faithfulness of your love.

I wait quietly for your reply, Lord God. I look to you for rest because only you can save me from my troubles, and rescue me from the silent struggles that rage in my mind. You alone
can free me from the selfish habits that secretly enslave my heart, and wash away the guilt of my past failures and sin.

Defend my soul, Lord. Protect me from discouragement and despair, because I am always under pressure. I am constantly stressed, and feel all alone. My friends and family happily accept my help when they need it, but then criticize, grumble and complain when I don’t do what they want, or respond the way they think I should. Does it bring them pleasure to cause me such grief? Could I ever do enough to make them happy?

I wait patiently for your reply, merciful God, and I pour out my heart to you, because you are my only hope. Apart from you, who can shield me from the unjust criticisms and judgments of others. You are my only defense. Save my soul and bring me into your glory. Help me to trust you for all things, and look to you alone for approval. Be my refuge in times of trouble, and give me the strength, I need to get me through the day.

Fill me with your joy when I worship you Lord. Make my heart gladly obey. Give me great peace through the truth of your word, and let me delight in your good blessings; for you have done great things in my life. You have showered me with your kindness and covered me in your love. You are more gracious, merciful, and generous than I deserve. Your justice is far beyond what I can understand.

Lord you deserve all glory, honor, majesty and praise. You deserve all my love. You are sovereign, holy, righteous, and just; everything good comes from you. You have protected me from many dangers unseen, and opened the way to you, through your Son, Jesus Christ. Watch over me with your love, and forgive my sins. Turn my shame and guilt into praise and gladness, by your grace and for your glory.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

~Read: Psalm 61, 62, 112, 115; Zephaniah 3:14-20; Titus 1; Luke 1:1-25