Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday November 31, 2011

I love you Lord, because you give me the strength and courage that I need to get through the day. You protect me from unknown dangers and give me a firm footing for my life. You rescue me from the sin that would ruin my life and give me shelter during life’s storms. You are my shield, my salvation and my safety.

I call out and worship you Lord, because you are worthy of all my praise. You saved me from so many dangers in life; I can’t even begin to count them all. When my spirit was far from you, and I was chasing my own selfish desires, you pursued me, relentlessly, to bring me back into your safety where my sin could not hurt me. You untangled the twisted mess I made of my life, shielded me from the constant pressures to return to my selfishness and pride. When I cried out for help, you heard my distress, and sent others to come along side of me and care for me in my distress. You demonstrated your glory and power over all creation and for that you are worthy of all praise.

Help me to keep your commands, Lord God, and give me the strength to obey you in love. Be merciful to me when I sin and wash away all my guilt so that I am clean in your site. Bless me because of Christ’s righteousness that his Spirit applied to me by grace through faith in him; and purify my heart, so I do not bring shame upon you.

Save your humble servant, Lord God, and help me to praise you like I should; for you give the light that guides me through this dark world. You make me persevere when I’m weary and worn down. You give me strength to do mighty things in your name, and you give your perfect word so that I can know you better.

Help me to serve you, and give me the strength to honor you with my life. Guide my thoughts, and the decisions that I make today, that they might bring you glory. Give me the endurance to follow you in good times and in bad times. Grant me the skills I need to serve you. Most importantly, Lord, help me to slay my idols, sins and the bad habits I’ve adopted along the way.

Help me to be thankful for the others’ accomplishments, instead of being envious of their success. Help me to be generous with all that you’ve given me, instead of greedily keeping it for myself. Help me to be patient and forgiving when others offend me instead of holding a grudge or becoming bitter. Help me to be honest and trustworthy, instead of withholding the truth when it needs to be said. Help me to be all those things that represent your pure love, so that I might bring glory and honor to you. Help me to be faithful and grow in your grace, by the power of your Spirit living in me.

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

~Read: Psalm 18:1-50; Amos 4:6-13; 2 Peter 3:11-18; Matthew 21:33-46