Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, December 15, 2011

~Read: Psalm 33, 50, 59, 60; Zechariah 4; Revelation 4:9-5:5; Matthew 25:1-13

Lord God,

My heart is joyous when I think about how you have blessed me. I can’t help but be thankful when I consider all that you have done. It is fitting and pure to worship you, Lord, because there is no one like you.

Only you are worthy of my praise; for, your word, gracious Lord, is true; everything you do is right, and you are faithful to those who trust you. You love whatever is just and good; your creation reflects your glory. You spoke the heavens and earth into existence; you gathered the waters of the sea together. I am in awe of all you have done, so I will honor you with my life.

You spoke, and the world came to be. You gave the command, and it stood firm. Even the greatest of people cannot do that. Even the best laid of plans cannot thwart your will. Your plans, mighty God, will stand forever. They will be seen by all generations.

Happy are those who look to God for salvation, the people he chose to be his own; for the Lord looks down from heaven and cares for his children. He demonstrates his love by watching over them and guiding their lives; for salvation is not found in great leaders or strong armies. No one can be saved from their sins by the power and strength of men. Only God can forgive our sins, so our hope must rest with him.

My soul waits for you Lord, because you are my help and my salvation. You alone, make my heart glad and give me hope. Rescue me from the consequences of my sin. Deliver me from an unending separation from you, but don’t stop there. Instead, gracious God, let your unending love rest upon me and give me your peace. From the rising of the sun to its setting, let me see your glory and blessing in everything I have. Make yourself known to my heart, and do not keep silent.

I offer myself to you, Lord God, because I belong to you. Be faithful to me and answer me when I call to you in my troubles, just as you have promised. Do not let my heart by crushed by worry. Don’t allow my mind to be filled with fear. Let me recognize your correction and discipline, not as a rejection, but as a demonstration of your great love for me, because I know my heart is weak and my mind is fickle. I know that my desires change from minute, and my resolve falls apart and the first sign of difficulty. So keep m faithful Lord, just as you are faithful to me, and show me your salvation. .

Keep my heart from evil and my mouth from sin. Make my mind dwell on that which glorifies you, deliver me from my enemies, and protect me against the evils of my day. Preserve my life, for your glory, and the sake of your Son, my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

In his name that I pray, Amen