Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lord God,

me against the false accusations of guilt that remain in my mind for past sins and failures. Demonstrate that I am innocent because Christ died for me. Prove to my heart once more, that I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus, and not be the things I have done. Show me once again, the salvation that you accomplished in me, so that I might live for you, with confidence.

For I know that I have not always lived with the up most integrity. I haven’t always trusted you as I should. I know I have been greedy and lustful, impatient and thoughtless, selfish, deceitful, hypocritical and proud. I realize I have not always put you first in my life, and need your forgiveness right now. Because you are faithful in mercy and love, forgive me, Lord, for my failures and sins, and help me to live for you.

Turn me away from my hypocrisy and deceit, which make me believe, deep down, inside, that I am better than everyone around me. Rescue me from the evil desires and envy that makes me jealous of others’ success. Remove the hostility and anger in my heart that often comes out with the words that I speak. And strip away the dissatisfaction and frustration in my heart that makes me complain and grumble though my life is far easier than many on this earth. Purify my soul, gracious God, so I can live the way you call me to live, with joy, contentment, and thanks in my heart.

Despite my failures and mistake, Lord God, do not let me drown with those who won’t admit their own sin, nor let me fall with those who refuse to obey your commands; but teach me to live with integrity. Redeem my soul and be gracious to me. Give me a firm grasp of your word so that I know without a doubt what you expect of me, and give me the strength to do it.

I need your help, my Lord and my God, so I pray you will listen and respond to my requests; for my heart is sinking because it feels defeated. At times, I want to give up, because it’s just too hard to resist the world. It’s too difficult to fight off my selfishness and sin. I can’t do it alone, that is clear, so I lift my hands and cry out to you, for mercy, and help, for healing, and strength.

Do not let me go the way of the wicked or those who ignore your word. I don’t want to be like those who spread falseness and lies as if there were no consequences to their words. I want to be different, Lord; I want to obey you.

So help me, Lord to understand your works and to seek your glory. Give me a grateful heart to praise you for the great things you have done, and the many blessings that are mine in you. Give me the wisdom to look to your strength and trust in your word for direction. And, make my heart humble, thankful and true, for the forgiveness that is mine through your Son, Jesus Christ.

In his holy and magnificent name I pray, Amen.

~ Read: Psalm 26, 28, 36, 39; Amos 7:10-17; Revelation 1:9-16; Matthew 22:34-46