Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Do not forsake me or be angry with me. Do not reject me because of my sin and selfishness. Though I know I deserve your discipline and wrath, I pray for your mercy and grace instead. Please don’t hold my failures against me or make your favor contingent upon the things I do, because we both know that everything I do, even my good works, are tainted by my selfish motives and desires, to the extent that nothing I do is truly “pure.” Please don’t turn away because of my sin, for the consequences that I face are too great for me to bear, and I simply would not survive without you.

I admit, Lord, that I am weighed down by my failures, guilt, and the foolish desires of my heart. I confess that I cannot even worship or pray without thinking about what’s in it for me, or wondering how I might benefit. It really stinks that I can’t do those things for the right reasons, because they should be the easiest to do; but suffice to say, I can’t, which makes me unworthy of your love and grace.

It must seem quite vain when I pat myself on the back for the meager acts of kindness that I do. I must seem rather hypocritical when I look down on others because I find their sin more vile than my own. I must seem quite selfish when give you the leftovers of my time, energy, and resources, and act as if it’s some huge sacrifice for me to do so. I must seem rather legalistic when I obey the rules I’ve established for myself and pretend I’m really doing your will. Honestly, Lord, I know that everything I do probably seem foolish to you, since you are perfect, holy and good. So I wait for you to save me from the sins that ensnare me, so that I might selflessly live for you.

I confess all my sin and ask for the forgiveness that you give to all who trust Jesus. I pray for the strength to endure with faith, all the trials, troubles, and temptations I will face in this life. I call for the peace and the patience to accept whatever road you lead me down. And I beg for the assurance to know that nothing will ever separate me from the salvation that you provide through Christ.

When my soul is dry like the dust of the earth, and I struggle to feel your presence, wash over me with springs of living water that flow out to me from your word. Give me the wisdom to understand what it teaches me to do, and apply it to my heart, so I can know it, and live it. Give me a repentant heart for the things I do that are dishonoring to you; and gently correct my course, so I am always moving toward you.

Help me, Lord God, to live for you know, with all my heart, soul and mind. Give me the strength that I need to resist my sin, and live like my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In his name I pray, Amen

~Read: Palm 38, 119:25-48; Amos 8; Revelation 1:17-2:7; Matthew 23:1-12