Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lord God,

Why am I afraid in times of trouble? Why to I worry when life is difficult? Some people trust in money. Some people trust in fame. Others trust in power, and still others trust in beauty. They boast of all they have acquired and brag of their accomplishments. However, they can’t redeem themselves from death, or even pay for their own lives; for the cost is too high. No one can pay enough to live forever. Even those who are wise and wealthy, will die one day, just as those who are na├»ve and poor. One leaves their earthly treasures, just like the next, for they can’t take it with them when they go. Even their fame will eventually fade.

Such is the fate of the fool who puts their confidence in themselves. They are doomed to die like sheep, and death itself, will be their shepherd; but as for me, I know God will rescue me from the power of death, so I have nothing to fear.

Therefore, I won’t be bothered when someone rejects God for fame and fortune, for I know that nothing they gain here, will follow them into the grave. Though they live comfortably for a while, in the end, they too will die like everyone else. Though they foolishly deny their Creator, I know that He will deal justly with them.

Lord, remember the words you spoke and do not forget your promise in which I have hope; for your promise renew my strength and comforts my soul. Though it angers me when proud and arrogant people mock, your word, and reject your teachings, I will be faithful to all that you say. I will remember your laws, and trust in your promises, because they comfort me and renew my strength.

They are like songs in my heart that I sing as I journey through life. Even as I sleep, I think about how you have fulfilled your promises. They are my reason to obey; for you, Lord God, are my blessing and my provision. You are all I need. Be gracious to me, O God, and help me to observe all that you have taught in your word.

Though some will trip me up and cause me to stumble as I follow you, protect and preserve me by your steadfast love. Guide me and cause me to be faithful. Deal with me according to your word and help me to trust your commandments. Teach me your statutes, and I will delight in your law. Remove my guilt and purify my heart. Wash away the stain of my sin through the sacrifice of your Son, and make me clean again. Help me to be a faithful and wise servant, for your glory and by your grace.

I pray all these things in Jesus’ name, Amen

~Read: Psalm 49, 53, 119:49-72; Zechariah 3; Revelation 4:1-8; Matthew 24:45-51