Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Friday, January 6 2012

~ Read Genesis 9-10 Text, Audio

Lord God,

Bless me, and make me fruitful. Demonstrate your power through me, and help me to make good use of your creation. Protect me from all harm, and give me respect for the way you have ordered nature, since it would be wrong for me to disregard what you have established.

Therefore, help me to appreciate all that you have made, and never let allow me to abuse it, or take it for granted. Help me to resist the self-righteous anger I feel towards others who have hurt me, which you say, is like killing them in my heart. Give me the strength to love them, the way you have loved me, even if they have not treated me with the dignity and respect I deserve as a person created in your image. Help me to be gracious, merciful, and forgiving, just as you have been toward me.

Bless me, Lord, and make my life fruitful. Fulfill your promise once again, and do not let me be cut off from you. Whether it’s by a flood, war, famine, or worse, by my own sin, do not let me be separated from your love and compassion; for I cannot survive without you. Preserve my life and protect me Lord, for I desire to be faithful to you.

Help me Lord, to resist my sin. Give me the strength to fight against it today. Do not allow any gossip to slip from my mouth, whether it be malicious, or intended for good. Fill my words with kindness and understanding, instead of harshness and cruelty. Make everything I say be helpful, true, and glorifying to you.

What’s more, let everything I hear and see be pleasing to you. Help me to avoid things that will cause my heart to sin. Fill my mind with thoughts that are edifying, and help me to dwell on your word, which is true. Remind me once more, how damaging my sin can be, and make my soul content with you; for I know, in my heart, that happiness cannot be found in the things of this world, yet for some reason, I continue to chase them. Stop me from doing so today, Lord God, so I can be totally devoted to you.

Just as you have done for your people in the past, do for me now. Bless me Lord, and make me fruitful.

By your grace, and for your glory and pray in Jesus’ name.