Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, January 11 , 2012

~ Read Job 3-4 Text, Audio

Lord God,

Take away my sorrows. Look upon me with mercy and ease my suffering. Remove my shame and show me that you still care for me, even when I am selfish, and unfaithful. Save me from the troubles I face; for though they are minor and few, they weigh heavily on my heart and mind, robbing me of my joy and peace.

Please don’t interpret my questions as ungratefulness, nor my frustration as dissatisfaction with your provision. It’s not that I doubt your love for me; it’s just that life is painfully difficult at times, and it makes me wish I’d never been born. When a loved one is sick, or dies unexpectedly. When my job is stressful and money is tight, when relationships are strained because of selfishness and sin; sometimes, it’s more than I can bear.

Lord, don’t let my troubles overwhelm me. Don’t let me be swallowed by my struggles and stress. Though I cannot see a way out of the difficulties, I face, please don’t leave me in the darkness of despair. I believe you can save me from all of my struggles, and I trust you to do it today.

Rescue me Lord, from the troubles that I face. Save me from the gloom that I feel. Reveal the hope that is mine through your Son, and restore my confidence and joy. Remove my guilt, self-pity, and fear, and make me grateful for what you have given me. Adjust my expectations about life, love, work, and relationships, so I can be content in you. Kill the part of my heart that wrongfully believes I deserve better than what you have given me, and make me humble.

Give me rest. Give me peace. Give me hope, and joy. Give me grace, truth, love, and mercy. Take away my weariness, fear and doubt, so I can better serve you with my life. Wash away the stain of my sin and help me to be patient as I wait for your blessing and provision.

Mostly Lord, I thank you for hearing my prayers, and allowing me to express my struggles without fear of rejection, even though I recognize that my expectations and attitudes need to be adjusted by you. I have no fear of condemnation, because I know that I am not saved by what I think, say, feel, or do. On the contrary, I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, who died to set me free from the consequences of my sin, was resurrected to conquer death, and intercedes for me to restore my relationship with you.

In his holy and righteous name I pray, Amen