Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Thursday, January 12, 2012

~ Read Job 5-6 Text, Audio

Lord God,

It’s good to turn to those you trust for help. It’s the way your body is supposed to work. We’re called to encourage, support, and care for one another as we seek to glorify you together. But, let’s face it Lord, well-meaning friends and loved ones don’t always give the best advice. Most of the time, they do not have the answers to our troubles. Usually, they are as perplexed as we are; and why wouldn’t they be? Their understanding is not infinite. Their experience is not unlimited. On the contrary, they are troubled people just like me, who are simply trying to do their best to survive.

Consequently, I don’t blame them if they say the wrong thing, nor complain if they fail to encourage. I simply try to remember that they are broken too, and thus look to you for guidance, as I know I should; yet sometimes, if feels like you are not listening. It seems like you just don’t care.

Lord, I know that it’s foolish to worry about things that I cannot change, or complain about that which is out of my control. I get it. I recognize that your ways are not my ways, and fully accept that I cannot understand everything you do. I know that you are good, and your blessings are greater than I can imagine. I know that you are merciful and just, abounding in grace and truth. I know that you exalt the humble, even as you disgrace the wicked who plot evil against you. I know that you offer hope to those who despair, and restore their joy. I know you correct those you love, and heal the wounds that they suffer. I know you protect them, and provide for their needs. I know you are infinite, gracious, and kind, loving, loyal, powerful, and good. I know all those things. I get it. You are awesome! You are God! Thus, you are greatly to be praised!

But, why then, do you feel so far away from me? Why can’t I hear you, me when my heart is heavy, and troubled? I know it’s senseless to worry about things that may not happen, or complain about that which I cannot change, but honestly, Lord; I don’t know what else to do?

I need your help and guidance. I need your provision and support. Hear me when I call out to you, and answer when I need your help. Though I admit, that my troubles are not as bad as some, they still cause me grief and rob me of the joy life should provide. While my problems may not be as serious as others, they make me sick with worry, and cause my heart to tremble with fear. All I ask, gracious God, is that you answer my prayer and give me what I ask of you.
Give me the strength to keep going, Lord. Help me to trust in you; for I know I cannot save myself. You are my only hope. Do not forsake me in my time of need, but rescue me from my troubles, struggles, sorrow, shame. Save me from my sin, because that is what you promised to do through the death of your Son, Jesus Christ, who makes all my prayers, pleasing to you.

In his name I pray, Amen.