Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Monday, January , 2012

~ Read Job 9-10 Text, Audio

Lord God,

I know I should not go on complaining like this, as if I have good reason; for you are merciful and just in all that you do. You have been more than fair to me, and I do not rightly deserve anything you have given me. I know you deserve my devotion, because you have always been faithful and true to your people.

I recognize the gravity of my sin and selfishness. I accept the limitations of my wisdom and know I may never understand why some things happen; but help me, dear Lord, to understand my troubles. Help me endure my distress; for when I see some who reject you, skate through life without trouble, I wonder why.

Why are their lives so easy? Why do they seem so blessed? I know they are not, but it appears that way. Sometimes it seems they get an “easy pass” on life, though they refuse to acknowledge you, while I faithfully serve and struggle. I confess, Lord, I'm conflicted.

On the one hand, I understand I have no right to demand your blessing as if I deserve it, or have done something to earn it. I recognize that every good thing, from the greatest to the least, comes through your grace.

But, shouldn’t I get credit for trying? Isn’t there some immediate benefit to my submission, service and sacrifice? I don’t want much, at least, not as far as you would be concerned; just, a little nod in my direction. A little peace, contentment, comfort, and assurance I've not been forgotten. A small demonstration that you're pleased with my life.

I know I am guilty of sinning against you, and practically everyone with whom I come into contact. I recognize the selfishness that lives in my heart and the depravity that lives in my mind. I despise it, Lord. I hate it with a passion, and the influence it still has in my life; and yet, I know I hold on to it by choice, because it still brings me brief glimpses of joy and pleasure.
I am a wretch Lord, stained by the guilt of my sin. You, on the other hand, are mighty and wise beyond compare. I believe in your power to save me, Lord, yet I doubt you. I trust in the love that you demonstrated through Christ, yet I wonder how, such a great God, could possibly care for a broken person like me.

It simply makes no sense, that you would declare me innocent through Jesus’ sacrifice, yet that’s what you have done. It doesn’t seem real at times, but more like a myth or a fairy tale. It’s just so hard to believe. But if it is true, Lord. If I am really saved by your grace through faith in Christ, then declare me innocent once and for all. Do not reject me or condemn me to suffer, but rescue me from the destruction of my sin. Save me from the oppression of my guilt and shame. You made me fore a purpose, to glorify and enjoy you, so let me do that, and preserve me by your care.

Guilty? Yes. I admit it. I deserve nothing. But, if you love me as you promise in your word, then lift me out of the darkness of my troubles, through your Light, and my Life, Jesus Christ.

In his name I offer up this prayer to you, Amen.