Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, January , 2012

~ Read Job 13-14 Text, Audio

Lord God,

I know you are great! I am certain you are good! I have heard the stories about the amazing things you have done throughout history, and have seen with my own eyes how you bless your people. I do not doubt you are wonderful and gracious, knowledgeable and wise above all. Of that, I am certain; I just wish you would share more of your understanding with me.

I wish you’d help me understand why the wicked seem to prosper, and sin continues to flourish. I wish you’d explain why my life continues to be so hard when all I’m trying to do, is honor and serve you. After all, how am I supposed to make a case for your goodness when I struggle? What can I say to others if they see the troubles I face?

Some would say that I just need to have more faith, as if believing were an exercise that required strenuous effort on my par; but I know that’s not true. I admit; my faith is shallow and weak at times. Nevertheless, I recognize it’s a gift from your Spirit, not something I achieve on my own. Consequently, I know the answer is not as simple as some would have me believe.

I hate it, when others dismiss my troubles with such flippancy. It frustrates me that they seem to think that I just need to be more like them; for I’m pretty sure, that’s not what you expect of me, Lord. I’m relatively certain that’s not what you call me to do. In fact, I’m positive you want something more from me in that you call me to imitate your holiness.

If that is the case Lord, if that is what you want from me, then, please show me how. Show me how to reflect your holiness. Show me where my life is off course. Open the path to righteousness, and demonstrate how I can be holier for you. Tear down any obstacle that hinders me, and clear my path to you. Tell me, what I have done wrong. Show me, my rebellion and my sin. Do not turn from me or treat me like an enemy. Do not leave me to achieve this on my own; for surely I would fail without your guidance and strength. Certainly, I would crumble under the full weight of my guilt and sin.

So then, be my Lord, Savior, Friend. Be the rock on which I stand. Be my guide, my light, my strength. Deliver me by your mighty power and rescue me by unending love; for I am weak and frail. My life is short, and passes like a shadow with the setting sun. Make me hole, and make me pure. Give me rest, peace and the strength to endure. Prune the parts of my life that are not pleasing to you, and help me to grow in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who intercedes for me, and makes my prayers acceptable to you.

In his holy and righteous name I pray, Amen!