Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~ Read Job 24-25  Text, Audio

Lord God,

Heal my complaining spirit, and quiet my grumbling heart. Suppress the part of me that struggles to be content with my life and help me to be thankful for what you have given me; for I know you are not a cruel God. You are not the cause of my struggles, so I should not be critical of you.

Please Lord, speak to me, and teach me what I need to know. Do not strike out against me because of my disrespect, but hear my repentance and plea. Show me my faults and give me the strength to change what needs to be changed in my life. Set me free from everything that binds me to my old self, so that I can be the new person, you call me to be.

Do not hide from my presence, Lord. Do not stay far away. Though I know you are at work in my life, because I never see you, sometimes I doubt and wonder if you are really there.

I know that I don’t need to see you to be seen by you, but sometimes it might be nice if I could. At the very least, it would be encouraging to my soul if I could get a quick glimpse of you. I think, maybe it would be easier to cope with so much more if I could just see your face every so often. I know you are always watching me, refining me and making me pure, but it’s so hard to follow when I cannot see you.

Reveal yourself to me in a fresh way, Lord God. Show me your how to follow you by faith and not by sight; for I know that no one can oppose you. You will do as you please to carry out your plans for my life. Just, the thought of your majesty, power, and glory make me tremble in awe. So please, do not turn your back on me or remove your light from my life, because I need you Lord. I cannot survive without you.

Though some reject your light, gracious God, because they prefer to hide in the shadows of their sin, I will not rebel against you. I will not refuse to obey or try to hide as if you cannot see me wherever I may be. Instead, I will, but confess all my selfishness and sin, so that I can receive your forgiveness and be clean in your sight.

I will not murder others in my heart with my harsh words and criticisms. I will not steal their dignity, or rob them of their self-worth by making light of their failures, or minimizing their accomplishments. I will not covet their success as if I am somehow more deserving, or envy their achievements as if I have been robbed of my own. I will not take advantage of those who are weak, lonely, sick, or hurting, just to promote my agenda. I will not prefer the darkness of my sin over the light of your presence like some often do. Instead, I will seek your face and walk in your light, by the power of your Spirit living in me, and the grace of your Son, Jesus Christ.

In his holy name I pray, Amen.