Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Thursday, January 26, 2012

~ Read Job 26-27  Text, Audio

Lord God,

What hope do I have without you? What chance do I have without your mercy? Only you can save the powerless and preserve the weak. Only your wisdom can guide me to your presence. Only your word can bring me peace. The earth displays your glory, and reveals your power and might. Your creativity is matchless, and your knowledge incomprehensible. You are great, and I am not; for you are God, and I have no hope but you.

As surely as the sun rises, this day will bring anxiety, frustration, pain, and stress to my life. Something will happen, that causes me to worry about the future, or fret about the mistakes I’ve made in the past. Perhaps someone will say or do something that causes me to doubt myself, and question my talents, gifts, and abilities. It’s just a consequence of this fallen and broken world that desperately needs your healing.

As I read the words of your servant Job, his story resonates with my soul. While I acknowledge that I my own suffering doesn’t measure up to his, there is still much about his life that speaks to me. The inadequacy of man’s words to bring comfort. The questions of why suffering happens. Though I’m ashamed to admit it, like Job, I even feel frustrated with you when troubles arise, and I don’t know what do with those emotions.

Though I do not fear your rejection, because nothing can separate me from your love through Christ, I, nonetheless, wonder why you wouldn’t. After all, who am I to doubt the Creator of the universe? Who am I to question your decisions? It’s not like I stretched out the sky above the earth, or made the universe from nothing. It’s not like I can gather water in the clouds, and keep them from bursting forth with rain. It’s not like I can hide the face of the moon, or still the surface of the sea. I can barely make a good cup of coffee in the morning, and even it’s only because you have given me everything I need.

From knowledge and strength to set up the coffee maker, to the rain that fell on the coffee plants and the dirt in which they grew, absolutely everything I have and everything I do, comes from you in one way or another. Nothing is possible without your power. Nothing could happen without your strength.

Even my faith and salvation are the blessing of your Spirit moving in my heart and giving me the will to live for you. There is literally nothing I could do without you. So who am I to question you, O Lord, in your greatness, majesty, and might? Like Job, I am just your lowly servant, trying to get through another day, and you are my only hope.

Forgive me Lord, for the self-righteousness and pride, that makes me think I don’t need your help, and causes me to rely on myself. Forgive me for the things I think that bring dishonor to you. Forgive me for the way I treat others, that robs them of the dignity and value you’ve given them. And forgive me when I fail to honor you.
I need you Lord, now more than ever, for I have no hope but you. So I pray you will bless me, preserve me, and protect me, as I go about serving you today.

By the power of your Spirit living in me, through your Son, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!