Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~ Read Job 21-22  Text, Audio

Gracious God,

I admit that sometimes, I get angry with you. Sometimes, I feel ignored, cheated, and abused. The logical part of me knows that’s not true, but the rest of me feels certain it is. I realize it’s not fair of me to suggest such a thing with my limited knowledge and understanding, but I know it’s no use trying to hide the way I feel from you, since you already know what is in my heart and mind. When things are not going well, and my troubles continue to mount, it feels like you are picking on me, Lord, and I don’t know why.

Have I done something, particularly offensive this time, something that you cannot forgive? If so, please tell me what I’ve done, and show how I can be restored to you; but if not, Lord God, don’t leave me like this. Don’t leave me to face my troubles all alone; for I don’t think I can do it. In fact, I know I can’t. There are simply too many to bear, and I will be overwhelmed.

I need you, Lord, to save me now, to carry my burdens before it is too late. I need you to lift the despair from my heart so that I can breathe freely once more. I need you to calm my fears that I am doomed, and take away the worries that consume my every thought.

Don’t let me suffer while the wicked prosper. Don’t let your servant struggle while the dishonest and unjust live with ease. It just doesn’t make sense, that you would put me through all this while others disobey you without consequence. Why do you let the wicked prosper, Lord? Why do you allow them to grow old and powerful? Why do they live to see their children grow up and settle down? Why are their homes free from worry and fear? Why does success seem to come so easy for them, while the little success, I have, comes with difficulty? Why are they allowed to ignore your commands and disregard your word, as it does not matter? Why do their lives seem so blessed, while everything I do is such a struggle?

I confess, Lord, that it frustrates me greatly when I see these things happen. In fact, sometimes it makes me feel just like Job. Why don’t you punish the one who sins, and let them see their destruction with their own eyes? Why don’t you teach them a lesson right now, and show them your power and might? Why must my life be so difficult when their lives seem easy, when all I want to do it glorify you?

Save me, Lord, rescue me now. Show me the great redemption you promised through your Son, Jesus Christ, and relieve the stress I am under, by the power of your Spirit living in me, who gives me the strength to pray.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.