Mercy Road Daily Prayer & Bible Reading ~ Thursday, January 19, 2012

~ Read Job 15-16 Text, Audio

Comfort me Lord.

Give me peace and let me know that you are there; for no one else can provide what I need. The words of my friends are empty and vain. The advice they give is useless. It does not help or encourage as they think it should. Pat answers never do. They simply make you seem powerless, unconcerned, or vengeful; but I know none of those things are true, Lord God. I know you are mighty, caring, and infinitely forgiving, despite my sin, which should condemn me.

I know you created all things out of nothing, to demonstrate your power and reveal your majesty. I know that you made the earth and everything in it, from the rivers and seas to the lands and skies. You made all living things, and created human kind in your own image, that we might reflect your glory throughout creation. I know you’ve provided for the needs of your people, protected them from harm, and preserved their lives throughout history, because of your great love for them, and thus, I know you are doing so for me.

Lord God, I do not pretend to understand your plans, because they are too perfect, and intricate for me to imagine, so please don’t hear my pleas as a challenge to your authority. I know my thoughts are not faultless, and my actions are not pure. I know my motives are often selfish and corrupt, so I know I have no place to complain; but please don’t let my soul be tormented with doubts. Please don’t let me my failures, guilt, anxieties, and fears rob me of the joy, peace, and contentment that you provide. Please don’t let my sin separate me from you.

Don’t let me be like those who live for today and fear tomorrow because they have no hope in you. Don’t let me be like those who only seek their own benefit and gain without considering the consequences for others. Please don’t let me be like those who blame you for all their troubles and wander away when life gets difficult because they're convinced they can do better for themselves. I know that’s not true. Though I do all those things from time-to-time, I know I need you more with each passing day, because you are my only hope of comfort and peace.

Lord God, give me peace and let me know that you are there. Encourage my soul and comfort my heart. Relieve my suffering and do not let me be devastated by the troubles I face. Give me rest for I am weary of life, and do not turn me over to the consequences of my own sin.

Forgive me now, by your grace, through my faith in your Son, Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray, Amen.