Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, January 2, 2012

Lord God,

Give me a grateful heart and help me to be thankful for all you have done in my life. Let my soul boast of your blessings and make me glad, but humble in everything I do. Join my heart and voice with your people, that we might worship you together and bring you glory; for when I call out, you answer me, and save me from my troubles and fears.

Grant me joy when gaze upon your face, and never let me be ashamed. Send your angels to guard my life, and let me boast in your protection. Give me a taste of your goodness, dear Lord, and cover me in your grace. Let me take refuge in you and join with the saints who honor your holy name; for you promised that those who seek you lack nothing good, and that’s all my heart desires from you. A long life filled with your blessings and love.

So I pray, gracious God, that you will keep my lips from speaking evil and my tongue from spreading deceit. Turn me away from all that is wrong, and give me the courage to do all that is right and true. Help me to speak your peace and pursue it in all my relationships. Do not let me put my pride, or my personal feelings ahead of your glory and grace. Do not let me replace your justice and mercy with my own self-righteousness, but look upon me with your favor, and help me to demonstrate your goodness and grace.

Do not let me stumble into sin, nor turn your face away from me when I seek my own selfish goals. Please don’t cut me off from your grace, mercy, and love; but give me a righteous heart to cry out for you. Save me from my struggles and self-destructive habits. Comfort me when my heart is broken and heal me when my spirit is crushed.

While there are many who are worse off than I, gracious God, my afflictions are many and my struggles not few. Rescue me, as you promised you would. Redeem me from my failures and sin. Do on condemn me like a common criminal, but save me, just as you would, a dearly loved child. Cure me of my sin, heal my brokenness, and restore my spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Do these things, my Savior and my God, not because I ask it of you, but simply so I can glorify you as you deserve.

Reveal your faithfulness and love. Show me your justice and truth. Demonstrate your power in my life, just as you did through your Son, and help me to live my life in a way that is worthy of your calling. Bind me to my brothers and sisters in Christ, through the power of your Spirit, for the unity of your Church and the glory of my Savior and my God.
Through Jesus Christ, my only righteousness, I pray, Amen.

~ Read: Psalm 34, 33; 1 Kings 19:1-8; Ephesians 4:1-16; John 6:1-14 ; Psalm 34